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    The Cardinal from CHI to NYP. What to expect

    The Viewliner I accessible bedroom has the shower, toilet & sink in one sizable room and there also was a window (with a shade when desired) on the opposite end of the bedroom from the room's outside windows. It was great because we were going up the Hudson River valley and could see the river...
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    Lower priced Sleeper for single travelers

    We will reserve an Amtrak Viewliner roomette for two but not a Superliner roomette because its lower ceiling means very tight space for the upper berth, no window, and less luggage space in the roomette, not to mention no sink (Viewliner I also have toilet). Pullman & other former roomettes and...
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    Ethan Allen schedule change

    A fine Hilton hotel close to the station is $185 per night. I'd love to visit via the train.
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    What does your Forum User Name mean?

    I'd had "Parlor Dome" as my forum name but at some point that went away. I wish it had not. I love "Dakota 400" and speaking of "The Hawkeye" (Illinois Central westward train to Sioux City and previously also segments to Sioux Falls and Omaha) today I saw it featured (at Barne & Noble magazine...
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    My trip on the Zephyr

    The Pennsylvania RR had at least a 5-track mainline through Wilkinsburg (just east of Pittsburgh), for example. It is down to 3 at most now I think, The famous Horseshoe Curve near Altoona was always at least 4 tracks but down to 3 now at most. When local commuter train service in Pittsburgh...
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    Comparison of Amtrak "Never Again" with "Never Again" on other transportation

    First, our flight was St Louis to L.A. with an en route stop in Phoenix. They gave no reason whatever. We just would have to get off and wait for the next flight from there to L.A. I don't recall any need for another ticket, gate info or anything. We did notice the plane somewhat emptied at...
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    First time on California Zephyr in Roomettes in Transition Car: Questions

    No I would say, except on the single-level Viewliners serving trains that go to NYC. Those roomettes' upper berths have considerably more headroom and even windows, owing to the height of the ceiling. There also is baggage space up there in a niche that extends over the ceiling of the car's...
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    Comparison of Amtrak "Never Again" with "Never Again" on other transportation

    We flew to LA with a stop in Phoenix, but owing to not enough passengers continuing to LA or boarding to go there, the airline (Southwest, which I always fly owing to less money-grabbing fees) simply canceled the flight. We had to get off and wait. That meant we were later arriving than...
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    New Chicago - Kansas City service via St. Louis

    Such nonsense vaguely resembles the apparent inability of a postal carrier to read even a well-written cursive, so when a letter came back "Addressee unknown" I now must 'print' when I address an envelope to my sister outside DC, and hundreds of letters to an address in the Phila. 19123 zip code...
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    Brightline Florida update

    Why should taxpayers pay hundreds of billions for climate damaging transportation? As to toll loss, who's to say the increase in population and incessant traffic increase will mean no significant toll revenue loss owing to Brightline? And the landuse footprint of rail is a fraction of that for...
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    Brightline Florida update

    It's outrageous that environmentally friendly transportation is required to help fund what is not.
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    Sunset Limited - any interesting scenery, specific side to look out?

    In early March on our Alton (IL) to Tucson trip a highlight was a vast orchard of pistachio trees (no foliage at the time). We a bit later learned: that's what they were, that we (mainly CA) produce many (Iran's major producer), and that arid (but irrigated as needed), "low disease pressure"...
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    Sunset Limited - any interesting scenery, specific side to look out?

    Yes, I remember a friend who had a roomette from a city in New England (CT or RI) all the way to LA.
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    Lower priced Sleeper for single travelers

    I'd never realized any airplanes were all frist-class, but I do remember late 1950s United Airlines timetables showing flights only for men. The one I recall specifically was to Chicago from an east coast city (probably NYC and perhaps more than one city, but I cannot recall).
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    New member from Germany traveling on the Southwest Chief

    I found the Amtrak agents (by phone) very helpful in booking the trip (I'd reported on) this March from Alton, IL to Tucson for my wife and her sister and then changing it from one roomette to two, and then changing it again when my sister-in-law got a pinched nerve so I went instead (2...