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    Autotrain Services Drastically Cut?

    Maybe the AT is only doing so well financially because of the service cuts?
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    New San Joaquins pdf timetable

    I especially like Table 15B, Fresno - Yosemite. With every other timetable I have seen that is set up like this (including all the other ones in this folder), the time columns to the left of the station names are read top to bottom, and those to the right are read bottom to top. Not this one!
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    Empire Builder 2022 Outrageous Bedroom Fares

    Yep. People seem to think if sleeping car fares were "affordable" (whatever that means), they would actually be available for booking when people actually want to book. I for one am glad sleeping cars are (relatively) expensive and use yield management and have different buckets. That way...
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    Empire Builder 2022 Outrageous Bedroom Fares

    That would be a very efficient way of killing off what is left of the dining cars.
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    The 'Ocean'......First Run! (with photos)

    Do the SMs also lift tickets at all stations throughout the night? Just wondering when they get a rest break; I assume they are not on required to be on duty 24 hrs/day.
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    Amtrak Dining

    Apologies if I missed it, but I haven't seen a mention of recent Auto Train meal service experiences. I rode it last week and was disappointed that we were told upon check-in that we would be served in our room, period. I found out later from our SCA that you can apparently get a seat in the...
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    Sleepers at the consist rear are preferable

    I vote rear too. Less horn noise, and I have never noticed much difference in terms of ride quality. Also a shorter walk from the station with your luggage at beginning terminals (and ending terminals when they back in). And better views of the entire consist around curves.
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    Best Chicago-Florida Route?

    Good luck getting the host railroads to agree to new routes, or increased frequencies on current routes, even if there is state government support.
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    Coast Starlight update

    I wonder why there will only be service between LAX and SAC (with nothing at all north of SAC) 7/31 - 8/3, and between SEA and KFS (and nothing at all south of KFS) 8/8 - 8/23? And what a confusing way to explain that!
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    Yet Another Fare Increase

    That's because the AT does not have the same strategy as other LD trains. Traffic on the AT is very imbalanced going south in the fall and north in the spring (roughly). It carries the consist and crew for the peak high-traffic, high-fare direction but then has to haul the same consist back in...
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    Fire stops Coast Starlight. Bridge burned (6/29/21)

    Why would there be? There are dozens of flights per day between CA and the PNW that only take around two hours.
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    Why aren't overnight trains able to compete with flying?

    I must not have been clear because I wasn't referring to multi-stop flights, so my apologies for the confusion. I'll try again. People sometimes wonder why an airline doesn't serve City A because "it would be profitable." Maybe so, but if the airline can make MORE profit serving City B and...
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    Why aren't overnight trains able to compete with flying?

    Sorry, I don't understand your question or what you are getting at.
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    Why aren't overnight trains able to compete with flying?

    From my understanding (which does not include purely speculative conspiracy theories), in probably 99% of the cases they were actually losing money. But, it really doesn't matter. If they could have made more money running a freight train over their limited infrastructure than they could have...
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    Why aren't overnight trains able to compete with flying?

    Well, they only started trying to kill off passenger trains once it became clear to them that passenger trains were a money-losing proposition, but they still had to convince the ICC of that. Or are you saying the railroads tried to kill off passenger trains even though they could have been...