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    Hotel in New Orleans

    I plan to travel to Texas in early January - requiring an overnight in New Orleans. Can anyone recommend a nearby, reasonably-priced hotel for a single woman traveling alone?
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    Name That Station!

    Old Denver station?
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    Once Again You Can Transfer Mileage Plus Miles to AGR Points (no)

    I was just looking at my Mileage Plus account, and I see that transfers are again allowed between Mileage Plus and Amtrak Guest Rewards! Good News! Maybe this has been posted here before. If so, I apologize.
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    Definition of one two and three zone trip

    If I wanted a trip from Detroit to Miami (assuming no hotel over-nights), would that be a one- zone, or a two zone? I'd probably have to go back to Chicago, and then head east. That's traveling in a different zone than both Detroit and Miami. Does that time count as a second zone?
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    Former transition car customers - did you like sleeping in this car

    I have ridden in the transition sleeper on the Texas Eagle many times. The roomettes are exactly the same as is a regular sleeping car. Yes, you can hear the whislte more, but I don't mind that. Engine/track noise - about the same as anywhere else on the train. A Sleeping Car Attendant will...
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    What's the Best Solution for 2 Seniors with Mobility Issues

    Thanks for all of your ideas! I think I'm convinced that the Family Bedroom would be the best option. Although I've traveled in that room before, I can't remember - Is there a table between the 2 seats? Are two adults able to sit there for meals? Thanks again for all the help!
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    What's the Best Solution for 2 Seniors with Mobility Issues

    I would like to treat (via AGR points) a couple of friends to a long-distance trip. Both of them have mobility issues, so neither of them is going to be able to climb to the upper berth. This would be a one-zone trip. My options are: the Accessible Bedroom, the Family Bedroom, and 2 Roomettes...
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    Name That Station!

    Tallahassee, Florida?
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    New Select Executive Tier at AGR

    Does the inclusion of access to United clubs imply that there is an Amtrak/United relationship - and might the one-for-one points transfer be reinstated?
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    the canadian

    We took the Canadian in September, 2012, from Vancouver to Toronto. Loved every minute of it! We had a cabin - the beds are super comfy and larger than a twin size - much roomier and more comfortable than Amtrak! The meals were great - prime rib, rack of lamb, etc. (You can check the menus on...
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    Galveston Chief

    Oooooh! Wish I could have been there for that trip! I'm not not familiar with the location of the routes you mentioned - did they use the line that parallels I-45?
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    Where's Grayslake? Reachable via Amtrak?
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    Day trip GRR to CHI

    We have taken this trip many times! Love it, but the crowds get even worse during the Christmas shopping season!
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    Best way to pay for a trip on ViaRail

    Just returned from this same trip (yesterday, as a matter of fact!). It was wonderful. Spectacular scenery and beautiful fall colors! Great food and spacious & comfortable beds! We found a pretty good deal ($514 per person for a cabin for two) with the VIA Express Deals. Paid for it with our...
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    United the same as Continental?

    Thanks for the info. I was afraid that was the case, but didn't know how to find out for sure! Knew I could get the answer here!