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    WAS-CHI-MTZ with a toddler

    Yes, that was why. It did not stand up straight and hook onto the bunk properly in the floor space by the sink. I only mentioned in case others were wondering how to make it all function in there with the pack n play.
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    WAS-CHI-MTZ with a toddler

    All the good stuff! We liked Harpers Ferry, Rockies outside of Denver, and Reno to Truckee.
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    WAS-CHI-MTZ with a toddler

    My husband, my toddler (16mo), and I took the Capitol Limited and California Zephyr in early August 2020 to go from Washington DC to Martinez, CA (SF Bay Area). The trip was 3 nights. First I want to say thank you for all of the very helpful information in this forum! It was a dream come...