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    Is Solo a Good way to Travel Amtrak?

    I traveled to FL for the first time on the Silver Star in early June solo! I never felt safer, mainly due to Walter, my cabin attendant. It was truly a adventure & delightful. I had no issues connecting in DC’s station. I am now hooked on train travel & prefer traveling alone. Walter made the...
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    2nd bucket list trip

    Never considered the Starlight. Now, I may research the northern route home. Thank you so much for the valuable advice. This newbie appreciates it!
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    2nd bucket list trip

    EnjoyEd my first bucket list trip on the Silverstar to Florida and now I’ve decided I’d like to do a trip on the Zephyr. Is winter a good time to go? Also, should I fly back home or should I try taking the southwest chief to Chicago and onward to Pittsburgh? I appreciate any input!
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    Excellent offer for Amtrak Mastercard

    I received my new Amtrak card a few days before this offered was published. Should I contact Amtrak rewards to try & get this deal or am I better off with the offer I have?
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    Bucket list trip! (connection from 30 to 91?)

    First, answer to the AC question Atlantic City! Well I did my train trip & I’m hooked. Of course, the capitol ltd was a hour late but not as late as the Silver Star! Or as the conductor called it the Silver Snail! I adored my room attendant Walter, he really watched out for us. All & all, We...
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    Bucket list trip! (connection from 30 to 91?)

    Good to hear! Thank you all for your info!
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    Bucket list trip! (connection from 30 to 91?)

    Hi everyone, newbie here! I will be traveling very soon on the Capitol Ltd. to DC with a connection on the Silver Star To Orlando. I’m a little concerned that I will miss the connection, seems Capitol has been late the last few weeks. Could you explain the process if this occurs. I‘ll be in a...