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    Food Facts Update has been updated again. For what it's worth, the link for trains offering "Flexible Dining" end with "menu-items-limited", and trains with "Traditional Dining" end in "menu-items-common". The Southwest Chief and the Sunset Limited seem to have their own unique links and...
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    New Auto Train Sleeping Car Menu Posted

    I was under the impression that the manicotti didn't contain meat. Still, the cheese would make it a no-go for vegans. They're certainly not making it easy with this menu.
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    New Auto Train Sleeping Car Menu Posted

    My understanding is that they are adding a Cross-Country Cafe to the consist, and that coach passengers will be able to purchase food there.
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    New Auto Train Sleeping Car Menu Posted

    I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else, but the new Auto Train sleeping car menu has been posted: Auto Train Sleeping Car Menu (01/14/2020)
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    California Zephyr detour from Omaha to Chicago?

    I'm not sure if the UP is up and running in SW Iowa right now, but they are the typical detour route.
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    Menu Capitol Limited?

    At the beginning of my trip, I always request that meals be delivered to my room. I've yet to run into any issues with that request.
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    First time riding long distance (Texas Eagle)

    As of last spring they served dinner between Fort Worth and San Antonio. But I haven't been on yet this year.
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    I was on the Texas Eagle on 2/13. The pillows were quite fluffy...and plentiful!
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    Phase IIIb

    The fleet may have been uniform, but it was also extremely bland. If I were going to rebrand as Amtrak America, I would want to emphasize the red, white, and blue. Granted, the previous scheme used the same basic colors, but it also had a tendency to get lost in the background.
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    no more printed system timetables?

    I order Amtrak marketing materials for distribution at a tourist railroad and museum. I was told that the system timetables should be available sometime around the middle of the month.
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    Roomette 19

    I can relate to not feeling like socializing. It has always been difficult for me to make small talk in a setting like the diner. In the end, I feel uncomfortable. And, I'm sure that the other folks at the table feel uncomfortable, too. I often have meals brought to my room. That is taken...
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    what's happening to the Texas Eagles lately?

    While I lucked out and didn't encounter any major problems (a couple of weeks ago), it DID seem like freight traffic was quite heavy this time around. The only delays standing out in my mind were both on train 21 -- being held for a stacker before entering Springfield, IL., and switching out a...
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    Roomette 19

    I'll echo what others have said. Last month was the first time that I had ever set foot in a Transition Sleeper. While I wasn't sure what to expect going in, I've got to say that I was very happy with the experience. Being right next to the restroom/shower made it extremely handy for me...
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    Ale-Braised Turkey Leg

    You know, I almost tried that. Maybe they would move more of them if they were served with garlic mashed potatoes. :)
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    Texas Eagle Staff Question

    The two trips I took on the Eagle (southbound on 12/23/14 and northbound on 1/5/15) brought with them two SCA's I had never met. On the trip south, Vivian handled the duties aboard the Transition Sleeper. That being the first time I had ever been in the Trans/Dorm, I was afraid that I might be...