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    Cross country travel: are there any quarantines affecting train travel

    I’m in Massachusetts & my employer would require a quarantine if I left the state & came back before I could return to work.
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    Seating arrangements email

    I received an email from Amtrak about the seat reservation I have. However, when I logged in to check what seat I have (pretty sure it was window) Amtrak says this train is canceled. Talk about conflict! I’ve already rebooked on another train, but thought I’d share this oddity. Here’s the...
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Anyone else continuously fogging up their glasses while wearing their mask? Or perhaps I’m just full of hot air. 😉
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    Service canceled

    Poking around on my Amtrak app I noticed that Train 184 which is currently canceled also shows as canceled for my late August ticket. I haven’t received any email from Amtrak. I’m thinking it’s just because the train isn’t running right now. Not worried, but found it curious. Anyone else with...
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    Is it to soon to be booking a cross country trip in Sept?

    When I bought my August biz class tix they were the exact same price as my tix had been. Maybe it’s the seats or the NEC?
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    GPS Device for use on Long Distance Trains

    I used the suction mount. It was only a 4 hour ride but it was nice to see the info it offered.
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    Is it to soon to be booking a cross country trip in Sept?

    I booked for late August from Albany NY to Philly. I have hope that time will bring change for the better. Anything can happen. And if you book now, you can cancel with no fees through 5/31.
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    Amtrak Track Your Train not working

    Right now it’s stuck at 1:35pm eastern. I’m using iOS 13.2’s Safari.
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    GPS Device for use on Long Distance Trains

    I’ve used a Garmin car gps & it works relatively well on the train. However, my particular model is several years old now & it’s been retired. I poked around Amazon & they have a large selection of name & non-name brands.
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Happened to notice NE Regional Train 173 has resumed service as of yesterday (4/6). It was suspended after the 3/13 run.
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    Buying Points with a Gift Card

    I purchased round trip ALB-NYP with points, then paid with a card for round trip NYP-PHL. Worked out perfect.
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    AGR Number Hours Cut Back?

    What was the previous availability? When I called the other day & heard those hours, I thought it was pretty good.
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    AGR purchased etickets on app

    I called Amtrak & they connected me to AGR. Turned out my tickets just needed some small tweak by a CSR & voila I can see them on the app again! Success!
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    LSL Service Change Soon & Connection Options to #421

    If anything, I’d like to see more of the 448/9 LSL route. Once a day each direction is not enough for connections, especially if you’re trying to make a two-leg journey in one day.
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    East-West Passenger Rail, MassDOT

    Western MA is home for a lot of people working in Eastern MA (lets just say Boston). An alternative to driving would be a huge help. Whether they need to go dramatic or not is up in the air. My hope had always been to add a few more LSLs. One per day in each direction makes it nearly impossible...