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    Cancelled Via Train

    I was on the last Canadian (the WB departure from Toronto on 3/11/2020) and they made the shutdown announcement on-board. We were somewhere east of Saskatoon at the time and I half-expected them to terminate us at Edmonton. But we continued on to Vancouver arriving almost 12 hours late so we...
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    Train 6 - Directional Positioning of Sleeping Cars?

    I believe so. Certainly cars with single rooms (e.g. cars with roomettes) had a defined front so that the one seat in those rooms faced forward. You see this today (ignoring that they're all currently suspended) with Via's Manor and Chateau sleepers which both have true single-person roomettes.
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    CZ Modified Trip (8/29) - Departure out of DEN shifted

    I've run into that issue as well. OTOH, I have dealt with an airline website that would let me book a delayed previous-day flight. And for the most part, getting through security, Customs and Immigration (Canada pre-clearance flight), and into the partner-airline lounge mostly worked - with two...
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    CZ Modified Trip (8/29) - Departure out of DEN shifted

    And hence the reason for the 1105 train number as on 8/5, 8/19, 9/2, 9/15, and 9/26, there will be two westbound trains from SLC - 1105 at 1:07am and 5 at 11:30pm.
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    Canadian and Ocean cancelled

    This actually boggles my mind since diesel locomotives are designed to run equally well either way and other F40s aren't similarly plagued. Plus until recently, it was standard to run locomotives back-to-back (think of those classic A-B-B-A sets of 50 to 60 years ago; plus Amtrak regularly ran...
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    Canadian and Ocean cancelled

    Hmmm. Of course, just because one person posted it doesn't make it true. A traction motor and wheels/axles/trucks certainly don't care. And plenty of F40s (Metra in my area) run backwards (pushing) at 79mph (plus Amtrak ran them back-to-back in the past). There are pictures out there of VIA...
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    Canadian and Ocean cancelled

    All locomotives are capable of running full speed backwards. The traction motors don't care what direction they're going. Locomotives are not like automobiles with multiple forward gears but only a single reverse gear. The issue, as I understand it, is the HEP wiring. Unlike Amtrak, where only...
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    Pre Amtrak: Handling of through sleepers in the Chicago hub

    Probably not as simple as it sounds. Unlike today's Amtrak sleeping cars, many (most) sleeping cars back then had a forward end so even an NYC to RI move should have involved taking the car to a wye and turning it. Having recently ridden VIA's Canadian with its classic sleeping cars, all of them...
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    Empire Builder Derailment 3/7/2020

    No new information as to what happened but now on the move out of Glenview a little over seven hours late. As it happened under buildings and out of sight, it seems to have escaped the attention of the Chicago media.
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    Empire Builder Derailment 3/7/2020

    All I have is Metra is tweeting about delays to Milwaukee District trains due to a derailment on Amtrak #1007 (which is apparently a special number for today's Empire Builder, I assume due to tonight's time change). It impacted the 2:30 Metra departure on the West line so presumably right after...
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    Silver Star Diner

    Back in 1986 when Amtrak went to meals included with sleeping car space, I already had a trip booked. I received all the meals for my sleeping car legs without any change in fare even though it had not been paid and ticketed yet (apparently the fare was guaranteed as I did not pay for it until...
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    An ‘Adirondack’ Labour Day Weekend – 45 years ago

    FWIW, my Day 1 (8/6/74) picture of the first southbound at Whitehall. The square format suggests I took these on an Instamatic and unfortunately, the picture I took of the northbound meeting the southbound a few minutes later is slightly out of focus.
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    Alarm tone sound with emergency brake? (Downeaster)

    "Emergency" is really just the name for the maximum performance brake setting. It does not imply there is some sort of dire emergency and that the train stops instantly and sends bodies flying. Train brakes are designed to be fail-safe so a failure of a component of the braking system can cause...
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    Chicago Metropolitan Lounge for Hiawatha Departures

    17 and 19 (shared platform) are the normal north side Amtrak tracks. 17 is a stub and 19 is a run-through to 28 and 30. In addition, there is 21 which splits from 19 going north by the north concourse so while 21 does not have a platform north of the concourse, it can platform in the area...
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    List of meals served on all LD trains

    Uh, no. Empire Builder is shown in post #92 as if it's three nights enroute each way. Southwest Chief looks right. But SB Crescent also has an extra night (shows two nights enroute).