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    How cold does it get on Amtrak Trains

    My round trip on the Empire Builder in January, 2017, was memorable for below-zero temperatures. My rooms were fine, and most of the train was comfortable. But the bathrooms in the coaches were blazing hot, and for part of the outbound trip, the heat was out in the Sightseer Lounge and they...
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    BNSF Seattle to Portland

    This is from Jan 26, 2017, aboard Cascades train 516: Sections of this line are now triple-tracked.
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    Empire Builder Westbound, Change from Bedroom to Roomette

    I would suggest switching rooms at a more reasonable time, such as the Whitefish stop (about 9 pm).
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    Things to take with you

    I sent the list above off to my sister. Apparently. Amtrak is finally updating the pillows and blankets, so those items may not be so important to bring. But I added to bring along small bills for tips (and a $20 for each of our sleeper attendants, whom I hope will be worthy...).
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    Ferries, Ferries, and still more Ferries

    The nation's largest ferry system, which arries about as many passengers annually as Amtrak, is experiencing systemwide turmoil because of worker sickouts in response to a vaccine mandate. Washington State Ferries is down as many as six vessels this weekend due to shortages of Coast Guard...
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    Most problem plagued trip

    I have been fairly lucky to have no travel disasters (knock on wood). Getting into LA by myself at 2 am on a delayed Coast Starlight wasn't as bad as getting into New Orleans at 1 am on the Sunset Limited with my wife, mother, and sister. We got a cab to our B & B, but when we walked up to the...
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    When does billing clear/fare decreases?

    From what I have seen, it is more likely that Bedrooms will sell out than go down in price for a travel date in April. I think you were wise to purchase early.
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    Coast Starlight Trespasser Incident

    A "trespasser incident" usually means someone was trespassing on the right-of-way, and was hit by the train.
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    Is Solo a Good way to Travel Amtrak?

    While it's a real treat for me to travel with my wife, she is not as fanatical about trains as I am and is not often especially interested in going where I travel on trains (eg, to Minnesota in winter to visit my brother). Hence, I often go solo. I am an introvert, and enjoy being alone in my...
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    Is Reno a smoke stop?

    Smoke/stretch stops for the Zephyr: Sacramento, CA Reno, NV Winnemucca, NV Salt Lake City, UT Grand Junction, CO Glenwood Springs, CO Fraser-Winter Park, CO Denver, CO Omaha, NE Ottumwa, IA Galesburg, IL
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    Single person in superliner bedroom

    I like Bedroom A for solo travel because of the better soundproofing from neighbors. I noticed no extra noise from the door or wheels (but I was privy to the sound and drama of an air hose breaking then being repaired right outside my room). On the Coast Starlight and Texas Eagle, I had...
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    Empire Builder stops and times

    Here is a list of stops with dwell times ("Smoke/Stretch Stops"): Wishram, WA (Portland branch only)* Pasco, WA (Portland branch only)* Wenatchee, WA (Seattle branch only) Spokane, WA Whitefish, MT Shelby, MT Havre, MT Williston, ND Minot, ND* St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN Winona, MN...
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    Coast Starlight #11--Any other pointers?

    You never know what side you'll be on until the train pulls into the station! You either get a view of Mount Shasta or the coast. I always love my travels on the Coast Starlight, no matter which side I'm on!
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    Single person in superliner bedroom

    I was able to get Bedrooms at low-bucket prices for a Coast Starlight-Texas Eagle-Empire Builder trip in 2019, and in particular booked Bedroom A. I really like the wide lower berth and the extra space to have all my luggage. While I like the en-suite toilet, I always go downstairs to take a...
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    Empire Builder 2022 Outrageous Bedroom Fares

    I've been watching Empire Builder fares for travel dates in November over the past couple months. It started out with Roomettes for $437, Bedrooms for about $1,500, and the Family Bedroom for $817 (SEA-MSP). When I actually bought my ticket, Roomettes had gone up to $602, and so I sprang for...