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    Dining On the Empire Builder

    I will be taking the westbound Empire Builder soon leaving from Chicago. Do they serve any lunch when leaving Chicago or should we plan to find something prior to boarding? We are in a bedroom.
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    California Zephyr Leaving Denver West

    A couple of questions about my upcoming Zephyr ride leaving Denver headed west. The train is scheduled to leave at 8:05 AM. Will there be breakfast available in the dining car for me as a bedroom passenger just getting on the train? I will be returning an Enterprise rental car to the Broadway...
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    Superliner question

    I have noticed this problem too is some of my rides. Not to the point of gagging me but enough of a smell to be noticable. It does add an unpleasantness to the ride!
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    Long Term Parking Dearborn, MI

    I have left my car there for a 2 week period a couple of times. Never had a problem. An added bonus is that the lot is next to the Dearborn Police Department so I think there is some added security.
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    Dearborn, MI to New Orleans

    We took this trip back in May. I believe that you are normally supposed to be able to board the CON in Chicago about an hour before departure and be able to start eating dinner before the train leaves the station. In our case, we were told the train crew received the train late. We boarded at...
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    NOL Hotel

    We just spent 2 nights in New Orleans coming in on the CONO and leaving on the Sunset. We stayed at the Quality Inn on O'Keefe. It was a nice place with very friendly staff. It is about midway between the train station and French Quarter. Cab rides are $10 minimum so that is what it cost between...
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    Boarding Without Tickets

    What is the proper procedure for boarding at a station that has no ticket office or ticket machine if you have a reservation? Do you just show your reservation printout to the person collecting tickets?
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    What Train Was This?

    Sorry - forgot to say - it was an Amtrak train
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    What Train Was This?

    I was in Chicago this past weekend and was wondering what train I saw. We were southbound on Lakeshore Drive Saturday at about 16th St on Saturday morning. The time was about 8:30AM. Off to our right was a train headed southbound running parallel with us. What train would that have been? Was it...
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    Wolverine Accident

    The train made contact with a heavy vehicle in it's path at a public highway crossing, causing the engine to come to rest on its side and the first two cars of the train to lose contact with the rails. At the time of the incident, the train was eastbound from Pontiac, Mich., to Chicago with 71...
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    Seattle Hotel Thoughts?

    We stayed at the Westin on our train trip to Seattle. It was a nice hotel and got it cheap through Priceline.
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    Question on Roomette prices

    The price of the roomette is in addition to a coach fare ticket that you will need also.
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    Recommended Layover Time

    If I look at each segment individually they are all available.
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    Recommended Layover Time

    I would like to plan a trip from the east side of Michigan to Minneapolis/St. Paul. I can book a trip online that goes from Dearborn to Chicago to Minneapolis with an approximate 2 1/2 hour layover in Chicago. I also tried to book from Pt. Huron to Chicago to Minneapolis but the Amtrak site...
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    First Meal on Coast Starlight

    The Coast Starlight leaves Seattle at 9:45 AM for our upcoming trip. We are sleeping car passengers. Will breakfast be served on that first morning or will our first meal be lunch? Is there anywhere where you can look up what meals are included with any given route? Thanks!