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    Upcoming Amtrak LD Schedule Changes (2021)

    NS does not handle the train any different with the new schedule vs the old, at least the first few days. Since going into effect on 6/6, it still loses an hour or more between MEI and BHM and has been an hour late or more into NOL every day since going daily. Of course we knew changing the...
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    Upcoming Amtrak LD Schedule Changes (2021)

    Connections are now showing up in Washington to the Capitol Limited and Silver Meteor. Schedule looks to arrive in Washington about 30 minutes earlier on Saturday and Sunday vs Monday thru Friday. Rush hour in NYP would be my guess as to why.
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    Upcoming Amtrak LD Schedule Changes (2021)

    Looks like they are showing the connection to the Cardinal in CVS. Connection time is 3 hours. Still not showing connections in WAS to the Capitol limited or Silvers. It would be about a 2 hour connection to the Capitol Limited. Less than an hour for the Star and about 5 hours for the Meteor...
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    Upcoming Amtrak LD Schedule Changes (2021)

    Right now they are not showing any connections northbound in CVS to the Cardinal or in WAS to the Capitol Limited or Silvers. All connections show up southbound though.
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    Mask Mandate for Transportation Extended

    Was set to expire on May 11 now extended to September 13. Moderator note: Discussion about the practical aspects of the Amtrak mask mandate (such as implementation and on board...
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    Masks now required even in private room with door closed.

    Amtrak has removed the phrase from their website saying you can remove your mask while in your private room with the door closed. It says required at all times except for actively eating or drinking or taking medication. They are citing federal policy that was just signed. Oh boy.
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    Amtrak price increases causing low ridership in addition to Covid 19?

    I was looking to head west after the holidays from Chicago to Salt Lake City on 12/26 and it’s completely sold out.
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    Difficulty using Amtrak's website to make connections

    The website was updated overnight and the connection now shows available. I messaged Amtrak yesterday and they said they would send it off to the web team. I guess in this case they did.
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    Difficulty using Amtrak's website to make connections

    The connection time is 5 hours. I’ve booked this connection at least 3 times a year for the last 10 years. Most recently in June. It works in reverse. I don’t know what they did to the website. It was showing up as of last week when I checked a trip.
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    Difficulty using Amtrak's website to make connections

    If 3x trains are not bad enough for planning a trip, Amtrak’s website makes it even more difficult. I use the City of New Orleans to connect with other long distance trains in Chicago. Have done it for years. The City leaves New Orleans on Wednesday Friday and Sunday on the 3x schedule. Yet if...
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    10-20+% accommodation fare increase?

    The rail fare is no longer low bucket when buying sleepers anymore. I am not sure what bucket it is. When pricing several upcoming trips it is between the value and flexible fare. Example is from BHM to NOL: Saver $39 Value $49 Flexible $94 Sleeper $62 plus roomette charge. So i'm not sure...
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    Memphis Central Station Parking Fee

    The thing is, the parking lot is not the hotel’s property. The entire building and parking lot are owned by the Memphis Area Transit Authority. The hotel is a tenant of the building just like Amtrak. There is also a train museum and a restaurant and bar. MATA, the building owner, was not made...
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    Memphis Central Station Parking Fee

    I travel out of Memphis several times a year and have always enjoyed free parking at Central Station. I don’t mind paying for parking, but $24 per day is a bit excessive in my opinion. A week trip would be $168 in parking charges, more than a round trip ticket to NOL or CHI. Seems like the new...
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    Weekend Parking at Memphis Amtrak

    I parked my car there recently the week between Christmas and New Years and it was fine. I usually travel out of Memphis a few times a year and my car is usually parked there for a week to a week and a half and have never had any issues. They are doing construction and it is a bit of a mess...
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    any advice for getting from Nashville to Philadelphia?

    Birmingham has a brand new station now with Amtrak and Greyhound under one roof. The old underground station is no more.