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    Winnemucca station?

    <===== Plus you can a get a beer across the street!
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    Sunset Limited - any interesting scenery, specific side to look out?

    We did a family trip in the 70s from DC to San Antonio. I remember the overnight on the sleeper in NOLA. We actually went to Cafe Du Monde for beignets in the morning. A highlight was being in the observation car and coming across Lake Ponchartrain at night in a lightning storm.
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    Covid Mask Mandate for Transportation

    Watch the rates for hospitalization and deaths. Very, very low and trending down. Cases don't matter very much.
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    Covid Mask Mandate for Transportation

    This is nuts.
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    Hotels In Emeryville?

    I stayed at the Hyatt Place last year to catch the Zephyr. There are actually two Hyatts about a block apart. The Hyatt House is the closer one. It was a very nice mid-range hotel. The morning walk to the overpass and train station was about 10 minutes with a rolling suitcase. I understand that...
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    Videos out the window, advice needed

    This may be overkill and it's not cheap, but it completely blocks reflection and gives you more room to change your angle than a rubber lens hood: Another thing that can help is to use a circular polarizing...