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    Good news for Amtrak LD trains?

    Looking at the chart in the article, I see that revenue is up 12% on the Auto train, but ridership is still down 16%. Did they really raise their prices that much? In any event--yes--the Long Distance, or national , or whatever routes definitely seemed to bounce back a little bit better than...
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    Did I find a timetable error?

    Ottumwa is kind of like that, in my experience. It seems like a pretty quick stop going west, but coming back on #6, I've gotten off and taken pictures many times. If anything, I think the timing for #5 might be off, because sometimes a lot of people get on and it takes a few minutes.
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    Ugliest and Soul-less Amtrak Stations Used in Metropolises Today

    Yeah, the new station is overall pretty nice, and they incorporated the old tower into the building (more by accident than intention) but it's not the same, for sure.
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    Ugliest and Soul-less Amtrak Stations Used in Metropolises Today

    I don't think Milwaukee belongs on this list, but if this were a sliding scale, it might lean in that direction. It has big windows. It's clean and fairly safe, for a larger city station. There's even a little restaurant in there, that's sometimes open. But, it's pretty boring in there, and not...
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    Amtrak Dining

    I've never been on the Acela. How do they cook those meals? Is there a real kitchen, or is it also convection/microwave ovens?
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    SW Chief Route scenery questions...

    Which way are you traveling? Others will have good answers, but my recollection from a couple of years ago is that the best scenery is between Raton, NM and Albuquerque. So, if you are heading West from Chicago, then, yes, you will have some pretty good views.
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    2021 Infrastructure Bill

    Interesting. Has there ever been a real push before from Congress to look into restoring routes that existed in April of 1971--pre-Amtrak?
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    Amtrak Joe unveiled at WDW

    Those are some vintage-looking tickets! That's nice.
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    Negative long distance trip review article based lack of value and inedible food

    Lou Malnati's isn't the best out there, but it's great to stock up on them frozen--especially if there is a pandemic going on and you don't want to go to the grocery store. Probably some of the best frozen pizza you can get.
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    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled

    They definitely look nicer after the refresh. It was also interesting in the video when specifically mentioned how much she appreciated everybody writing and basically pushing the execs to bring back better options for the dining car.
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    Fire stops Coast Starlight. Bridge burned (6/29/21)

    I see on Transitdocs and Amtrak's Track-a-Train that #14 is heading toward Eugene only 33 minutes late. Several stops in California have no data. So, they must be already running the bus bridge. Or a detour. I didn't check it out earlier to see the route.
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    Texas Eagle Sightseer lounge discontinued

    Oh, okay. Is that a Covid restriction, or is that always the rule?
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    Texas Eagle Sightseer lounge discontinued

    So, I want to understand this correctly: the cafe for the TE is part of the "Cross Country Cafe" car, split with the diner. But, it sounds like passengers aren't allowed to sit in the cafe side, correct? And without a SSL there will be no place to sit except your coach seat. That's crazy...
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    Could Siemens Viaggio be the next sleeper car?

    How were the bi-level cars that Illinois/California originally ordered a decade ago designed to comply with the ADA? They had cafe cars, I believe. Was there an elevator somewhere? I know they didn't pass the crush tests, but the design must have received an OK on the accessibility didn't it?
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    First ever Amtrak Experience

    Yes, that once-a-day train was faster than the bus from Macomb, but way too early! I took it in '90 through '92 and it was packed every time. The reason I was so determined to ride the train, however, was because I so enjoyed my first trip on Amtrak back in '81. There must have been a 10th...