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    CS to EB no longer bookable after April 1

    I didn't get an e-mail, but I called AGR this afternoon. They're allowing the overnight connection in Portland, and changed my award ticket to accommodate the changed schedule, though I'm responsible for my own lodging costs in Portland.
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    #5 (11) Held up by flooding in Colorado

    If the train isn't running all the way through, what would happen is that you'd ride the train to Denver, board a bus from there to either Cheyenne or Grand Junction, and then reboard an identical train that would take you on to Emeryville. It likely wouldn't result in much of a delay, if any...
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    #5 (11) Held up by flooding in Colorado

    Though the information at this point is of course incomplete, there are apparently at least a couple other washouts on the Moffat line, as well, though the one in the photo is the big one. I've seen estimates that the line might be out of service for a month or so, though until the repairs...
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    #5 (11) Held up by flooding in Colorado

    There's a major washout between Denver and the Moffat Tunnel ... just above Tunnel #2, I think. The line's likely to be out of service for a while:
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    Name That Station!

    From way out here, that looks like Atlanta.
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    Class 1 Passenger Service

    do a little more research, and you'll find that your statement's extraordinarily inaccurate.
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    If you had to eliminate one Amtrak route...

    And yet another AU thread spirals uncontrollably into a messy crash and burn ...
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    If you had to eliminate one Amtrak route...

    Boston-Washington. And yes, I'm totally serious. It might be the slap upside the head that America needs, to realize how important passenger rail really is.
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    Reason for justifying DW and Pioneer?

    The Pioneer actually started in 1977, a couple of years before the big 1979 cuts. As with the Desert Wind, the Pioneer initially just had Amfleet coaches and a dinette, no sleeping car -- though a heritage sleeper was added a year or two later. When I rode it in 1979, the train seemed fairly...
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    Need some advice for planning

    Sounds like you have a couple of good trips in mind ... though at least from my perspective, I think your trains in Argentina are more interesting that ours! :) I'd definitely recommend the Capitol Limited over the Lake Shore; the equipment is nicer, and the detour through Washington would...
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    Amtrak Dream Routes

    South Dakota's last intercity passenger train was discontinued in 1969, two years before Amtrak ... I think among the 48 contiguous states, only South Dakota, New Hampshire, and Vermont were without intercity passenger trains immediately before the establishment of Amtrak. The state actually...
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    Name That Station!

    That's it! You're up.
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    Name That Station!

    Not Trinidad. There's no station building here, just an Amshack and a very short platform ... which makes it surprising that this sometimes gets used as a smoke stop.
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    Name That Station!

    Yep, Essex is WAY prettier than this. :) So this is neither Essex nor Browning. It's not in Montana at all, in fact.
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    Name That Station!

    Nope, not Fort Madison.