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    Ticket counters not accepting cash?

    I was on one of the Silvers to Florida a few years ago in a sleeper, and my dining table companion was a lady from coach who had just been to Atlantic City. She had a jar of quarters with her, and when her bill came for the meal, she paid it with a bunch of quarters from the jar.
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    Should Amtrak allow smoking again?

    No. I am allergic to smoke. I cannot be in an enclosed space with people smoking for more than a couple of minutes before my eyes start watering, my nose stuffs up, and I start coughing. If smoking were allowed again on the train, that would be the end of my train travels, and since I don’t...
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    Sunset Limited service disruption 10/1/20

    First and most important, tricia, I am so glad that you are well and did not get the virus from that awful bus ride. Second, I agree with you—$100 is an insult for what you went through. And also agree about the cross-country trips—they are out for me as well for the foreseeable future.
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    Pt. 3--Texas Eagle Bloomington to San Antonio

    Wow—talk about being in the right place at the right time!😊 Those tapes and candy bars were comforts for the journey, and I am glad you were able to get them back for the gentleman.👏👏👏 Yes, it’s possible you broke a few rules, but I notice no one tried to stop you!😁 Wonderful that you got to...
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    Sunset Limited service disruption 10/1/20

    I just caught up with this thread. Good grief, what a mess, tricia. And ironic considering how conscientious you are. Wishing the best for you and that you will be safely home soon and enjoying your garden again!😊
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    Questions on Poughkeepsie and Albany Amtrak stations

    Unfortunately, my friend and I have decided to cancel the trip for this year. Trying to work around the Amtrak schedule changes, plus not being sure if any states I would be traveling through might have increased virus numbers and go back into visitor quarantine, makes the whole trip sound more...
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    New York tax dollars at work

    Wonder why they had diet juice in the fridge next to the beer.😁
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    Inconsistent Service: A bigger problem than the food?

    The cinnamon danish is back on the cafe menu? My favorite!😊
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    Day Trip to Temple( No I' m not Jewish)

    What a wonderful day out, Jim! 😊 I’m so glad you got to do it, and also that you got to visit with JayPea and his uncle.😊
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    Large increase in Empire Builder fares?

    I’m glad to hear that someone else does this, too!😊. I carry a few packets when I travel just in case the hotel staff has forgotten to leave coffee in the room (or has left just decaf!). I will especially do it from now on because with the new virus rules I won’t know if coffee will be left in...
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    Large increase in Empire Builder fares?

    Glad you asked. Because the cherry tomato is so popular, it will now only be included if you pay extra. However, it will be a curated, customer-facing, contemporary, flexible tomato, added to impactfully enhance your personalized dining experience. That will be $500 for the tomato, please...
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    Inconsistent Service: A bigger problem than the food?

    This is a wonderful idea, especially right now. The normal proper procedure is for the SCA to greet you as you board, direct you to your room, and say something like “I’ll be down shortly to explain how everything works.” I do understand that the SCAs may want to keep their personal...
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    Self-defense (on train)?

    Good points, daybeers. It’s partly that I have always avoided NYC and NYP—I find them confusing and too hectic for me at the best of times. I am planning on stopping at Mystic for a couple of nights, getting a roomette on the LSL, and using the BOS lounge —South Station is much easier for me...
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    Self-defense (on train)?

    I’m not sure why nobody has brought this up, but if you are riding in coach, talking to strangers, starting your trip in crowded NYP, and going through states out west where people are not social distancing or wearing masks, and possibly screaming in your face because you are wearing one, you...
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    Looking for a Boston hotel near South Station

    When I eventually go back to Boston for a longer trip, I probably will stay in Back Bay—I want to see the Isabella Gardner museum, which I think is near there. I also want to see the JFK library, but that seems to be in a different part of the city away from the Amtrak stations? Of course, this...