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    Bedroom downgraded to Coach a week before departure

    Southwest Chief (x3), Empire Builder, Sunset Limited...that's in the past week, or at least posted in the past week.
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    New Traditional Dining Menu

    NOOOO! My chocolate cake!!!! >_<
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    Bedroom downgraded to Coach a week before departure

    I've been seeing it on Reddit A LOT. It's been quite a few times in the past two weeks where riders have gotten to the train only to be told they are no longer in sleepers. I'm holding off on my fall trip until this crap passes. I keep reading that it's happening over and over. I don't care...
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    What is the Amtrak Exhibit Train?

    They need to do something! Here in Cleveland, a lot of people are shocked to find out that Amtrak even runs here. The station is in a terrible spot, hasn't been touched since it was built in the 70s, and the only 2 lines come through in the middle of the night. When I tell people I'm taking...
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    Bicycle with USA Rail Pass

    It depends on which train and where you're travelling from and to. Bring Your Bike on Amtrak This will tell you which trains are carry-on or checked. I would still call first because who knows when that page was last updated.
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    Hello from Cleveland!

    Hi!! I'm n3rdg1rl and I've been a train lover since the age of about 25 years now. I've been an Amtrak lover (for the most part) since my first ride when I was moving from NJ to Orlando in 2003. Besides the Pacific North West, I have been nearly everywhere in the country on Amtrak and...