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    Does the Crescent stop in Mobile, Alabama?

    All the station stops and arrival/departure times for any Amtrak train can be found here: Train Schedules & Timetables | Amtrak Here's a link to a map showing all the routes and many of those station stops...
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    Amtrak Website Interactive Diagrams

    If you ever want to see the dimensioned diagrams as linked in Amtrak Blue's post, the smart thing to do is make screenshots of all nine of them and file them away someplace. There's no telling when that link will quit working and the diagrams lost to us. Amtrak seems to keep a lot of useful...
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    Will full service dining ever return to the Western trains?

    I suspect Amtraks only use of these posts is to transfer them to audio and play them as punishment to employees deserving such cruel and unusual treatment . They must?? What leads you to believe that?
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    Orlando Station (vans available)?

    It might depend on what hotel you're going to. Call the hotel and ask about their shuttle service.
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    Daily service (maybe)

    Oh lordy, and if we don't vote the right way we shall all perish along with Amtrak. Wait! Is that the sky I see falling??? BWA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!
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    Amtrak Hubs

    After slogging through all 70+ posts in this thread, I just had to ask: • If none are now designated as hubs, what are the consequences if Amtrak fails to designate any of its stations a hub? • If some are now designated as hubs, what are the consequences if Amtrak simply redesignates them...
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    Incident in La Plata

    Consider the possibility that <gasp!> there may never be any additional info on the nature of the issue.
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    Long distance considerations

    How about my sithouse privy?
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    Good & Bad News

    Why not price one and let us know what you find?
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    Good & Bad News

    Yes. Went up in May, huh? Been busy with other things and didn't notice the increase until about a week ago. Don't know. Not that I'm aware of. I've never seen one.
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    Good & Bad News

    I'm quite sure that would be the lowest bucket and probably the fare prior to the increase a week ago. The current fare for 2 non-discounted adults in a Roomette NOL/DEM is $603, corroborated by the current low bucket fare for the whole route for 2 adults being $729 on 16 Dec. [And $729 -...
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    Good & Bad News

    For one adult in a Roomette between NOL and DEM only found three different fares during any of the many 30 day periods checked and the lowest was $421. That seems about right for the low bucket fare because on a travel date when the low bucket is $505 for the entire route, it's $421 for your...
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    Long distance considerations

    You let Google be your friend and....viola! Amtrak Special Menus & Special Dietary Requirements But I think you have to call to find out what's available - no menu that I could find.
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    Good & Bad News

    Don't know about you, but I think AmSnag is the best thing since sliced bread. Or the cat's meow. Or the bee's knees!! :)
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    First time for wife on Amtrak

    Now that I look at the routing a bit closer, I guess a sleeper on one of the legs would involve a train change at GRO and other complications taking it out the day trip category.. Only way to avoid that would be to head South out of CLT on the Crescent and return on the Crescent, but that would...