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    Train 98, Car 9811

    I just returned from FL on 98 and can confirm that car 9811 was indeed a VL1. The other two sleepers (9810 and 9812) were VL2.
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    Vaccine proof required for NYP lounge

    Just so you know, I was not asked for my proof of vaccine Sunday when I visited the lounge at NYP. As with everything Amtrak, the only consistent thing is it’s inconsistency!
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    Silver Star Equipment

    “Shopworn” equipment is putting it mildly. I am on Train 91 (Silver Star) in Bedroom B. The room is in pretty sad shape. There are scuffmarks on the panels beneath the sink. The top of the pull out table is damaged. But, it’s clean and I have to give props to the lone SCA (Kumar) tending to the...
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    Silver Star Equipment

    I am on the Silver Star right now (9/12/21). Just left NY Penn. Both sleepers are VL-1. I may add that there is only one (1) SCA for the entire train due to staff shortages.
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    Viewliner II on Silver Service?

    Thank you, PennyK. If this consist continues into September, I'll be riding south in a VL-I on the Star. I'm in 9110. The northbound trip is on the Meteor in 9811. Maybe that will be a VL-II. We shall see.
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    Viewliner II on Silver Service?

    I would like to experience a VLII on at least one leg of my trip. But, I’ll be happy with either one.
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    Viewliner II on Silver Service?

    Hello, I am booked on the Silver Star and Silver Meteor in mid September. On the Star I am in Car 9110, Bedroom B. On the Meteor I am in Car 9811, Bedroom B. What do you think my chances are for receiving a VLII instead of a VLI? Thanks.
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    Amtrak goes straight to STB to restore Gulf Coast service.

    Yep and I'm heading down to see that certain "mouse" in September on the Silver Service! 😁
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    Border Patrol Checking by Border

    Brilliant idea! I didn’t think of that 😊
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    The longest trip on Amtrak

    Longest trip so far was Amtrak Crescent from NYP to Birmingham, AL in 2006.
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    Amtrak Dining

    Mean-spirited but funny 😅
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    Border Patrol Checking by Border

    I endured an Amtrak border crossing - once! It was on the Maple Leaf, traveling from NY Penn to Niagara Falls, Ontario. Nearly two hours stuck in your seat. You could not even get up to use the restroom! On subsequent trips, we simply left the train at Niagara Falls, NY and took a taxi across...
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    Coffee, tea or cola in sleepers?

    Another bit of Chock Full O' Nuts trivia: the great Jackie Robinson was the Vice President for Personnel from 1957 to 1964. He was the first Black American to serve as vice president of a major American corporation.
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    Coffee, tea or cola in sleepers?

    Does anyone still drink Chock Full O’ Nuts coffee? My Dad worked at their commissary in Secaucus, NJ where they prepared the food for the restaurants. I remember the smell of their coffee brewing in my parent’s home in those days! Recently I stumbled across their Midtown Blend K-Cup Pod. IMHO...
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    Moynihan Station

    I plan to figure this out before I travel from Penn Station - I'm taking an Uber from home to the station. I should ask the Uber driver to drop me off mid-block on 33rd Street instead of 31st Street? Does the street location only matter to pickups as opposed to drop-offs?