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    New DOT Service Animal definitions

    And who cleans up the mess?
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    New DOT Service Animal definitions

    That is a great story but I don't know how you would ever get a horse into the baggage car, let alone have it ride safely...
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    Will dining cars resume 12/15/20?/Flexible dining extended to May 2021?

    I would only do this if my expectations were set such that it may not be successful. I can imagine many agents not wanting to be responsible for something like this....
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    Stephen Gardner new Amtrak president

    I stand corrected. According to the article in Railway Age, Gardner has been positioned to become President since 2017, but not acted upon since they knew Elaine Chao and The Republication administration would not approve. But Biden provides the green light to make the change. Not good IMHO....
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    Stephen Gardner new Amtrak president

    I think it is more likely being done following the lead of our current President, ie Place people in positions now before the new Administration takes office.
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    Superliner sleeper lower level?

    On the upper level they are all roomettes except at the end of hall where you go down the transition stairs there is a room that was built for the Chief of OBS. It is about the size of a bedroom but has only one bed and no facilities. On the lower level some have a Handicap room and some don't...
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    Could Superliners run DC to Miami and/or New Orleans?

    IIRC, between 1991 and 1993 it was just a coach that connected from #30 to #91 and visa versa...
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    Politicking across the Midwest/ Build Back Better Express

    Actually I worked on AT for a couple years but retired from NEC...another member on here also named Tom is the Auto Train veteran and retiree who fits your description perfectly!
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    Election results and Amtrak

    An unfortunate result of the election is that Rep. Daryl Issa (Amtrak gadfly) decided to run to return to the House....and won!
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    Booking Two Bedrooms for a 2 Hour Train

    The Conductors and attendant don't care what you book and for how long...take and enjoy!
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    #52 Auto Train delay - 10/13 Departure

    Not for Auto train.
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    SWC #3 chi-LAX

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us!
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    Amtrak price increases causing low ridership in addition to Covid 19?

    A ticket agent along the route of the Zephyr just posted on Facebook that she had some passengers trying to go to Chi. (not sure origin point) and first availability was in 8 days!
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    Amtrak price increases causing low ridership in addition to Covid 19?

    The discount is only on the rail fare, not the room charge...
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    Recent DEN-RNO trip

    Thanks for sharing!