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  1. O and stories about Amtrak trips

    I kind of agree with this lady in some respects. In terms of the Coach bathrooms, they are often not very clean. However, I don’t think it’s the Staff’s fault, but rather there some people who are slobs. I rode #91 back in September from Philadelphia to Kissimmee. The Coach bathrooms were...
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    Restart of cross-border services delayed

    I seriously need to plan a trip to Rouses Point on the day the Adirondack resumes to Montreal. I’ll bet they’ll have a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the junction just south of the border!! I would love to see that!! Have a brass band and all kinds of comradely!!
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    91 Silver Service Train delay outside DeLand FL 10-30-2021

    Does anyone think about “Operation Lifesaver” anymore?? For crying out loud, attempting to beat a train at a gated crossing is futile. Even if you tie, you lose!! The train will ALWAYS win and you will be crushed—often fatally! Good rule of thumb: Whenever you come to an active railroad...
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    Booked for March 2022. Should I cancel? (Medical issue)

    Thats what I do when I fly Southwest Airlines. I am a large person, though I’ve lost 70 pounds. Southwest will ALWAYS refund the second seat after you fly—you’re doing them (and other passengers) a favor by not encroaching on another passenger’s “bubble” if the flight is full. Even once I can...
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    Booked for March 2022. Should I cancel? (Medical issue)

    I’ve done some thinking. I’ll proceed with my trip as planned for March 2022. I am in a Roomette this time on 98–Car 9810. I’m hoping it will be a VL2. Though tighter than a Bedroom—I’ll be at least laying down horizontally. Side-to-side rocking aggravates my back, but I should be better by...
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    Mask Mandate for Transportation Extended

    I’m hoping the Mandate will be allowed to expire in January. My next trip is not until late February/early March 2022. I’m coming home from Kissimmee on the Meteor. I have a comfortable Amtrak mask, and it is nice to be able to take your mask off in your room. I understand rules are rules, but...
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    Short Consists of Long Distance Trains

    I walked through the 2nd Coach when the “All Aboard” call was given at DC. There were about 6 people waiting in the vestibule, because it seemed no one was willing to give up their “sacred” second seat! I faced this issue when I boarded a Keystone in Philadelphia to return to Elizabethtown in...
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    Most Interesting Encounter(s) on a Train

    Here’s a good one. I was riding the Silver Star from Philadelphia to Kissimmee back on 9/28. At Washington DC, we’re given a smoke/fresh air break because they have to swap out the ACS-64 for two P42DCs (diesel). I was watching this family with about four kids board Coach. They brought along one...
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    Short Consists of Long Distance Trains

    As I said on another post, I just recently completed a ride on the Silver Star from Philadelphia to Florida. The train was very short for a long-distance, having 2 Amfleet II coaches, 1 lounge, 1VL2 Diner (used for the sleepers) 2 sleepers, and a baggage car as the “caboose.” I rode the...
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    Viewliner II Part 4: Sleeping Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    I recently rode on the Silver Star from Philadelphia to Kissimmee, FL. I was in a Viewliner 1 Sleeper; the second one was a new Viewliner 2. It seems to me the Viewliner 1 cars are pretty much on their last legs. The power outlets in my bedroom could not hold my charging plug, unless I...
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    Booked for March 2022. Should I cancel? (Medical issue)

    I’ve just completed 2 long distance train trips in September. However, both trips really aggravated my back. I have had 4 lumbar spinal surgeries since 2018–two in 2021 alone. Does anyone have back issues that could relate? I know it’s a personal question, but I’m not sure. I’m booked on The...
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    Problems signing into AGR account

    I cannot sign into my account. Every time I enter my login info, it keeps telling me they need to verify my account. What’s up with this?
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    Silver Star Consist

    Just arrived in Kissimmee. I spoke with David, my SCA. He told me Amtrak actually has no shortage of workers; in fact they’re hiring and training more in Miami. I think it just might be less demand, along with rolling stock being out of commission due to lengthy inspection. I told him that 2...
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    Silver Star Consist

    I rode my 2nd trip back in 1993 on the Empire Service from Buffalo to NYC. The train had 3 Amfleet 1 coaches and an actual Cafe. The car was labeled as a “Cafe.” However, it did not have booth seating—in hindsight it was an Amfleet “Snack Coach,” In 1994, I rode the same route—in the old...
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    Keystone locomotives

    I have no idea. At Elizabethtown, I was directed to the second last car.