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    Time to Change the Paradigm?

    Imagine going from New York to almost Miami on a train in less than 10 hours! It takes at least 25 hours on Amtrak without delays...
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    Nostalgia Not in Amtrak’s Future

    Perhaps run it along the Arizona & California Railroad from Phoenix, AZ to Cadiz, CA. I think that line is still in service. It's probably too slow though because to go east the trains would first have to go north through Cajon Pass.
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    Southwest Chief Consist - short train?

    Amtrak 3 of Jan. 26 2018 P42DC 115 P42DC 9 Baggage 61047 Transition Sleeper 39018 Sleeper 32042 Diner 38000 Lounge 33015 Coach 34030 Coach-Baggage 31007 That's the consist of a January Southwest Chief I saw a couple years ago. So yes, it could have only 1 regular sleeper. (Finally! My consist...
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    Nashville to Atlanta line

    I'll believe it when I see it. When's the last time a new route this long was made? Over the past 15-20 years, to my knowledge, there have only been short extensions near the NEC. I'm not holding my breath.
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    San Joaquin Cars

    I rode the San Joaquin in late December, and the conductor on the single-level 710 at that time said the Comets would operate on a different train (train rotation?) 'in a few weeks', which is probably around now. So it is possible it'll be Comet cars.
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    Pacific Surfliner Observation Cars?

    There is occasionally a sightseer lounge car on a Surfliner set. I've ridden on it three times (1 time planned, 2 times unplanned but on the same trainset on the same day). The Pacific Surfliner Twitter used to announce it as "Train xxxx has no Wi-Fi today" meaning that the lounge car replaced...
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    Parking at Stockton SKT station

    How is the parking situation at the downtown Stockton station (this is the one on the Sacramento branch of the San Joaquin route, and where ACE stops)? I see two gated parking areas for the station, but how does the gate open to let cars in/out? I see that there's two parking lots right next to...
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    Amtrak Closed San Francisco Ticket Office Oct 28th, 2019

    When I visited the Salesforce Transit Center in August when it opened, what I assumed to be an Amtrak and Greyhound waiting area on the west side of the structure (2nd floor) was under construction. One of the maps in the transit center showed Amtrak & Greyhound stopping on the 3rd floor bus bay...
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    Double Days (Fall 2019)?

    Double Days usually starts in mid-September, but I haven't gotten an email or announcement about it yet. Is it still happening this year? (Edited out 50% sale that I thought was for tickets)
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    Changing return ticket on board train

    Suppose I'm riding the eastbound CZ, and I'm turning around at Galesburg to get on the westbound CZ. If the eastbound is so late that I'd miss my connection there, would it be possible to modify my return trip from a earlier station (say, somewhere in Iowa) to make the connection there...
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    Salesforce Transit Center opens

    The new Transbay Terminal just opened yesterday. Multiple local bus operators are already using the place. Online diagrams show Amtrak/Greyhound operating out of their own bus bays on the 3rd floor. On a nearby small space on the 2nd floor, there was a Greyhound waiting room (not open yet) and...
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    favorite scenery on Amtrak usually passed through night,that you saw day due hours long train delay?

    The southbound starlate would have be to very late to see Mt. Shasta in daylight. Probably at least 5-6 hours late with the early summer sunrise. The Sacramento River Valley & Lake Shasta south of Dunsmuir is also nice if the train is late.
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    America's coolest train stations?

    Harpers Ferry is pretty charming as a place in general. I don't know how historical the station itself is though.
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    Extended stop in TX

    The Texas Eagle stops in San Antonio for 2:10 going east/north, and 4:50 going west now.
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    New River Train might run again Let's hope it happens!