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    Who travels in the Sleeper Cars?

    Hubby and I prefer roomette travel because he doesn't like crowds and I don't much care for the noise. We also like the fact that meals are included. We've had some really interesting talks with strangers sitting across from us. You meet people from all walks of like. One such person was...
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    Is Portland, OR Safe?

    Article mentions unrest over the George Floyd death. That is over and done with. Now they're concentrating on Civil War statues and defunding the police. Stay away from downtown altogether and you should be safe enough. If I were going into Portland, I'd stay in the station unless you have...
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    I’m traveling to Texas today from LV via thruway bus & Texas Eagle

    I have enjoyed reading about your experience. I've been on the Sunset a few times. Hopefully will get to ride it again in April if things work out.
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    Chances of nabbing a sold out sleeper car

    You might have luck by calling an agent. I nabbed a sleeper from Syracuse to Chicago once by doing just that. I had gone online and found a sold-out condition, but called agent and told her where we were getting on and they found one that was vacated by someone getting off.
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    Since when do hot dog buns come with poppy seeds? I've only seen plain buns in the stores here. Maybe it's a Chicago thing?
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    Am I on the lower level with these?

    We've had upper level roomettes as well as lower level ones. I prefer the upper level because it's more convenient if you want coffee. Also, once hubby gets settled in, he rarely goes out of the room except for visits to the toilet and the dining car. I usually take a large pullman case with...
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    Empire Builder After Spokane

    I suppose we were lucky several years ago when we rode on the EB to Seattle. It was only 30 minutes late (slow orders). Fortunately, they were able to hold the Cascades train that long and we were able to board. Unbenownst to me, we were supposed to go from the EB into the terminal to get our...
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Actually, the outlets in the roomettes were intended for electric shavers, not hairdryers.
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    S/L #2 stopped in Houston 11/1

    Thanks, I think it was west of San Antonio, #2 was late pulling into Houston, but why did it not go on to NOL? Was it so late they decided to turn it and wait for bustitution the next day? And what happened to the pax that were heading for NOL? Were they put on a bus as well?
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    S/L #2 stopped in Houston 11/1

    Anyone know why #2 was turned in Houston on 11/1? The PAX leaving from New Orleans today are having to be bussed to HOS today. Pat H.
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    Rough time on the City of New Orleans

    I've been on Amtrak a bit and realized that things happen and one should "go with the flow". Freight trains take precedence over Amtrak if Amtrak is leasing the line. Equipment does break down occasionally but hopefully not while I'm on the train! One time we were on our way somewhere and our...
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    GPS Apps

    On one trip I took my Garmin and set it for off-road travel. It worked like a champ!
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    Questions (Amtrak vs Greyhound, DEN to ORL)?

    Depending on how long a layover you have will determine if you could venture out of the station. In Chicago there are plenty of places to eat in the station itself, also in D.C. Shavers are ok if you're in a roomette or bedroom. I wouldn't use one in coach unless it's in the lavatory.
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    Service and Crew Change locations for the SW Chief?

    Have you found the schedule for the SW Chief? Crew change involves engineer and kitchen staff, not sure about car attendants. Service locations involve removing trash...
  15. Pat Harper

    Very minor annoyance (re platform access)

    Lafayette LA (LFT) is one of the unmanned stations that was beefed up a few years ago. The station building houses Greyhound staff, but the platform is open to anyone who wanders in. I've only seen a security guard there when the train is due to arrive and passengers are disembarking. One can...