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    What type of member are you?

    Even if you don't complete it you would find the research compelling, gain a great amount of knowledge and be enriched from it. You may still find outlets to publish your work.
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    Most Interesting Encounter (s) on a Train

    That is good to hear about Diana Ross. I too, am a fan, but always had the impression she was a major diva. Most performers probably are, to differing degrees, but this puts a human spin for her.
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    Most Interesting Encounter (s) on a Train

    The "You eat in your room? Why?" thread, which includes a number of entertaining responses, got me to thinking about a new thread. All train riders have intriguing stories about people they have met during their travels and many have already been recounted throughout the entire forum in...
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    Entertainment on the train

    This issue has been discussed ad nauseum, but totally agree. Even when I go to the lounge I intentionally limit my time there so as to allow others to enjoy the opportunity.
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    Entertainment on the train

    Even when I fly, which isn't often, I insist on a widnow seat so that if the skies cooperate I can watch the vast expanse of the ever-changing topography of the Earth below.
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    Entertainment on the train

    Yes, it is next to impossible to appeal to the wide variety of tastes in term of entertainment and today's world, the trend is for a wider swath of indiviuduals to provide their own distractions, whether it be through downloaded movies or whatever.
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    Entertainment on the train

    Maybe am I dull one, but I never get bored looking out of the window of changing landscapes, small towns, big cities, golden fields, rushing mountain streams, and grabbing ever so brief brief glimpses of people going about their lives, anticipating the next vista around the upcoming bend. This...
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    Engine Cab Layout

    Don't forget, during the early years of those newfangled "horseless carriages" one had to hand crank the engine to get it started!
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    What Amtrak can learn from the Russians

    Yet another problem I have with Amtrak's current ways is that I do like the reservation QR code in the app for easy scanning, even if it no longer shows the room number. It is my understanding (unless things have changed) if you make a reservation through an agent it is not available in the app...
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    You eat in your room? Why?

    I also prefer dining car on a long distance trip. It's almost like going out to eat. ;) While I am not the most social person, I have enjoyed meeting some very interesting people. Everyone has a story. I do believe you gain something from any person you meet in life, no matter how brief or...
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    Amtrak Dining

    Some choose to do things at THEIR convenience, not their passengers'.
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    What Amtrak can learn from the Russians

    So much for Soviet-style operation (yes, I know we are 30 years hence...;))
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    Roomette rate lowered

    I did this a couple of months ago and they gave me a credit to me credit card.
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    Sightseer Lounge on Surfliner

    This brief clip from a relatively new YouTube (and well done) channel shows a Sightseer Lounge on a Surfliner. If they are in such short supply that they cannot be on the Capitol Limited or Texas Eagle, what the heck is one doing on a Surfliner? New clip but no date when it was recorded.