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    Amtrak's New "Fresh Choices" Dining on CL & LSL

    If you purchased a reservation on one of these trains with downgraded service and want to cancel, I would register a complaint with your credit card to remove any fee. Amtrak has no intention of providing the service you contracted with them. Since they clearly state they will save millions of...
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    Japanese Train Leaves 20 Sec. Early. Company Apologizes

    The Tokyo-area Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company's Tsukuba Express was meant to leave at 9.44am on November 14. It actually left the station at 9:43:40. The rail company boss said he was "deeply sorry" for the "severe inconvenience" they caused. I can see why Amtrak hasn't had to issue...
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    Route Changes and Thruway Bus

    So Amtrak charges $96 from Boston to Albany/Rennsalear. I see that Peter Pan Bus only charges $31. Unfortunately, they go to Albany, not Rennsalear, so it would be difficult to catch a train. The bus can be as quick at 3 hours 40 minutes, while the train is scheduled for 5 hours 10 minutes. Then...
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    And here we go...

    In that case, the airlines wouldn't be Amtrak's competition. it would be the self-driving cars coming down the line. Just sit back in your seat and let the computer do your driving.
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    Why Japan’s Rail Workers Can’t Stop Pointing At Things

    Actually, there's a lot of pointing going on in the good 'ol US of A too. https://youtu.be/i9jIsxQNz0MA
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    Watchdog report faults TSA on Amtrak security

    Not quite. We're dealing with the government, where you can't be fired for anything. He was just removed from his position. He's still being paid by us, and probably for doing nothing now. (Not that he was doing anything before.)
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    Amtrak Half Roasted Chicken Replaced

    Wow. $22 for pulled pork and mac & cheese. That's one of the cheaper cuts of meat on the pig. Also $22 for tilapia, which is pretty low cost farmed imported fish. There's a good BBQ place near me that has pulled pork with 2 sides for $13. Even Red Lobster has tilapia for $16, and they prepare it...
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    What's a safe distance from the train?

    My favorite is this scene where my senator was giving a presentation about train safety. While they were set up right on the yellow bumpy line, (Yes, talking about train safety.) a Northeast Regional comes through. And yet, the majority of people in Conn. keep voting for this guy...
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    New Amtrak Guest Rewards Master Card - Fall 2015

    Here's the paragraph from the September, 2013 term update I last got from them. We will not charge you any interest on Purchases if you always pay your entire New Balance Total by the Payment Due Date. Specifically, you will not pay interest for an entire billing cycle on Purchases if you Paid...
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    New Amtrak Guest Rewards Master Card - Fall 2015

    One thing to look out for with BoA cards is the two cycle interest calculation. If you pay in full each month, there is no interest charge on purchases. If you don't pay in full one month, interest acrues for past, and new purchases. If you pay in full the following month, there is still no...
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    Springfield Shuttle M-F cancellations from August 3 thru July 2016

    I don't see any mention of the Vermonter (55/56) which uses that line during the afternoon between 1:25 and 4:25 PM both directions. So they have 495, 490, 493 and 470 bustituted during 7:10 AM through 11:55 AM. Then 476 and 479 are on the road between 5:20 and 8:50 PM, however 475 is on the...
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    If Amtrak Had Better Advertisements Like In The 80's

    They have an ad on the outfield fence at New Britain Stadium (Rock Cats, AA Affiliate of Colorado Rockies). It's just the logo with the word "Amtrak" on it. It's so small on the 8' X 16' panel, that it's tough to read from the seats. It can't be meant for television since only a few games are...
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    LSL 449 faster timetable

    In the past eastbound sleeper passengers getting off at Springfield got the cold dinner. I wonder if that will still be provided with the earlier departure from Albany?
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    (Seasonal) Lounge Car off the LSL (BOS)

    Compare that to the eastbound menu on 448 from the Wayback Machine June, 2011 DINNER MENU Your main course includes a choice of coffee, tea or milk and is served with a ciabatta roll. Vegetarian Pasta Florentine-style spinach and three cheese lasagna with tomato-herb cream sauce. Chilled...
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    no more printed system timetables?

    If there's no timetable, then the train can't be considered late. It just arrives when it wants to.