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    Amtrak website

    With a laptop, this is what I see.
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    Paying With Cash?

    When was the last time you saw NY Penn and La Junta Co. in the same sentence.
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    Folding bike on the CS

    From Bring Your Bike on Amtrak Folding bicycles under the dimensions of 34" x 15" x 48" (860 x 380 x 1120 mm) will be allowed onboard all trains in lieu of a piece of baggage. Only certain passenger cars can accommodate folding bicycles as carry-on baggage, otherwise they must be checked...
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    Using a "Vanity" email address

    I own a domain name that I use for various web apps. Along with it, I have email addresses like [email protected] I had no idea that was a vanity address. It just made sense to use the domain name.
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    Using a "Vanity" email address

    what is a vanity email address?
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    Amtrak stations, best and worst

    If we are including small town stations, one of my favorites is Kewanee, IL Kewanee Amshak 2010 Kewanee station 2013
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    saver or value price

    Same here. I had two reservation, one I wanted to change and the other cancel. I got the change without a penalty, but was told there would be a fee for canceling. So I just let it ride since I plan to take another trip in the near future.
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    Unavailable Trains (Keystone/NE Regional)

    I believe the AGR select priority number is 1-888-707-6600
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    PDF Ticket

    I'm one who want's that confirmation for all the reasons mentioned. It's when I make a change over the phone that it sometimes doesn't show up. I immediately go to and select MODIFY TRIP enter RES NO (in this case it didn't change; but otherwise you have to ask agent) either...
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    Going to CO from NY via Chicago R/T in Sept 2021

    Since the introduction of the new baggage cars with bike racks, boxing a bike is not necessary on many LD routes. You book a bike on the same page you would book a dog. You then hand off your bike to a staff member at the baggage car and retrieve it from the baggage car at your destination...
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    Going to CO from NY via Chicago R/T in Sept 2021

    I would download and print Amtrak's policy regarding folding bikes. Not all staff are aware of it.
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    Utica, NY station

    I don't know anything about Utica except that you will have plenty of room to wait.
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    New Siemens Charger locomotive

    A pretty sad consist: no SSL, no transition sleeper, no baggage car, no second engine. Sleepers right behind the sole engine.
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    New Rehabilitated Superliners unveiled

    Never mind Christmas. I had to double check that the release wasn't dated 4/1.
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    Questions re: “Service Disruptions” on Long Distance Trains

    Looks like another cut back. Sometime ago while heading east on #4, there was a freight wreck in the same area. At Williams Jct, they put us on a bus for Albuquerque and turned the train around as #3. At Albuquerque they turned #3 around and put us on it. Meanwhile, they did the same with...