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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    I hadn't read yet that one should be afraid of getting the virus via fecal matter. But IF a person can excrete active virus via fecal matter et cetera, it poses the question, whether going commando after eating beans is wise. 😉
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    I'm not sure I can follow how all this filter stuff really impacts the reduction of the small change of getting this virus in your room on the train. I haven't read anything about the virus being transmitted via long airducts, only about droplets carrying the virus a few feet max, or transfer...
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    Auto train derailment south of Deland 3/26

    Well, I would think, that you're hauling mostly air, unloaded or loaded, with auto racks. Automobiles are not as compact as, for example, iron ore. So only mixing loaded and unloaded auto racks (as in the Auto Train) wouldn't make the same difference as mixing loaded/empty auto racks with high...
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    Amtrak axle count discussion

    Ahum, like the Corona virus, a (Amtrak) train more or less sticks on rails [@Moderators: I used the words 'Corona' and 'Amtrak', but I'm cheating a bit, sorry. [emoji6]]. Wheel and rail profile, traction type (electric is better because of the return current burning through dirt between wheel...
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Skype says, it took me and an Amtrak agent 5 minutes and 5 seconds to cancel three trips in April/May. No options for the reimbursement, money comes back to my credit card. Tomorrow I'll contact United Airlines, because they cancelled some flights and are now offering a 0030 arrival via SFO in...
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    Egypt by Rail ~ 2020

    Great report. I like the pictures an your story-telling. Another destination added to my list. I hope you all are okay weather-wise; there was a big storm in Egypt...
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    Fire Walking in Chicago

    In the Netherlands we have natural gas heated installations which use a liquid to transfer the heat to the switches. But they are now slowly being replaced by electric ones. As far as I know, electric heating is quite common in other European countries.
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    Roundtrip Rotterdam-Los Angeles-Chicago

    I'm so sorry I put you in that situation. [emoji6]
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    Why does a trespasser Incident take so long?

    Here in the Netherlands the 'planned' time for recovery time after an accident with a person was 2 hours and 15 minutes. Traffic control will normally cancel all passenger trains in this time block. Ordering busses, flipping trains, replanning crews is partly pre-planned in operational rules...
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    Roundtrip Rotterdam-Los Angeles-Chicago

    Nope, I drove a car to Oceano. There aren't many trains stopping at the Grover Beach station. But driving back to the airport I did see two Surfliners and the Coast Starlight.
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    Roundtrip Rotterdam-Los Angeles-Chicago

    Woke up pretty early again. We skipped the stop in Pomona, but reversed back into the station. The conductor was already waiting in our car to supervise this move. Eventually we arrived in Los Angeles about 40 minutes delayed. I walked to the metropolitan lounge to wait for Hertz to open. I did...
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    Roundtrip Rotterdam-Los Angeles-Chicago

    Alpine, Texas: Our home has some elevation, too. (... 3 ft. ...) I lunched with a man traveling from Birmingham, via Los Angeles to Seattle, after visiting family. I saw a lot of somewhat elder people (with more time at hand) using Amtrak as an alternative for flying. Scenery, talking to...
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    Roundtrip Rotterdam-Los Angeles-Chicago

    Well, I slept well upstairs. Perhaps also because of the long stop in San Antonio. Had breakfast by myself. Only at the end was I joined by a man going to LA to do some business he didn't want to do, so he didn't want to socialize. I finished my breakfast and was in my roomette just in time to...