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    Which way is best way to have business class

    Run from origination point to/from Chicago on anything with the true single level business class. Yes. Some trains sub/ use a superliner coach sometimes and still sell as business class. If superliner equipment..I would just do from chicago. I use to take st. Louis-chicago often. Usually biz...
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    Still around, and ready to ride the rails again!

    I enjoy BC and it's more quiet cabin. Worth $20 upcharge. Free tea is nice as well. In Stl the lounge is called a first class lounge. Guest rewards Select plus and higher member, BC and sleeping class customers are allowed access. Small waters and a clean restroom are the main draws. It is...
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    St. Louis, Missouri (STL)

    Nice. Good tip on snarfs. There is also a chipotle and a starbucks at the corner of Grand and Forest Park Parkway. For the bus, it was a massive realignement on 30sept2019.
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    St. Louis, Missouri (STL)

    Hello just a heads up on the wiki: Metrobus had a huge realignment and most routes no longer serve the destinations listed. Alternates are available. as of 31Jan20: Closest Hotel: Red Lion Inn across from station on 14th street. Union Station is re-opened as an aquarium/hotel/food...
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    Car rentals at Chicago Union Station

    Budget and avis relocated to franklin between jackson and van buruen because the amtrak garage was demolished. Hope this helps. You can also rent from/ hold a free cancellation reservation at midway airport. Just a thought.
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    Denver Union Station to Denver Airport Questions

    Options: Stay downtown next to union station..train next morning. i personally did this. aline takes about 45mins end to end. There are a ton if hotels a 10 minute walk west from the 40/pena stop. a few marriot brands, few hiltons /hyatts, a couple of other lower cost options. Most have...
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    What is current Accommodation charge Acela Business to First WAS-BOS

    Thanks for the updates. For the coupons, I'm in the Chicago market, so my upgrade coupons are valued at the accommodation fee for STL-CHL, which is a max of $21. I found the first fare being $153. x2 value makes the coupons appear more to have more value in NE. For this exercise on using...
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    What is current Accommodation charge Acela Business to First WAS-BOS

    Traveling Acela this Saturday, wondering if anyone could chime in on best value/way to upgrade. Curious if anyone knows what is the accommodation charge Acela first WAS-BOS. Overview: Party of 2. One Passenger is select plus. Able to get club access for early boarding in WAS. We have...
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    Hotel near St Louis station?

    The Red Lion Hotel on 14th is the closest hotel to The Gateway Station. Literally right across the street. Drury Inn at Union Station is also an excellent choice and would be my vote for your stay. If looking on a map. At Market near Jefferson is a Courtyard by Marriott and a Hampton Inn...
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    21(31) delayed

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    21(31) delayed

    CUS. A winter weather report update.  Amtrak resumed long distance service. Cz eb swc all left on time.  texas eagle is the lame duck.  we've be waiting to board going on 4+ hours. Any intel is appreciated as it is radio silent  in the met lounge and the app is pushing us by 30 minute updates.
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    weather cancellations for Midwest Jan 28-31, 2019

    Additional cancellations were just put in.  Some as sold out, others as cancelled.
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    Price Increase?

    With the updated prices, I noticed that Business class on the Lincoln Service seems to have new inventory in fare buckets.  Lower buckets is much harder to acquire than 2018.  Rare to see any midrange prices, for my spot reservations, it's either low bucket at $52 or high bucket $92. Also...
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    weather cancellations for Midwest Jan 28-31, 2019

    I got notified that there was a problem with train 301 (CHI-STL) on 30Jan and my ticket was no longer valid.  I cancelled and refunded.  I see on that the train is listed as sold out.  Poking around at other 6-7am departures, they are also showing sold out, though 1 Hiawatha is...
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    Getting from Chicago Union to Chicago O'Hare?

    I like Metra to ORD.  Costs more than the CTA but the ride is much better.   Plan 60 minutes from departure time of the train to the terminals.  Usually ORD has a shuttle bus waiting at the transfer stop to take passengers to the terminals or if the ORD terminal train is running, the shuttle...