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    30 (17-18) is really late

    I am allergic to garlic and cannot eat any of the flex meals. I sometimes can get special meals that I coordinate with customer relations, but since I missed train 91 and switched to 97, my meals did not make the switch. I did eat something on the Capitol Limited before detraining (since they...
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    30 (17-18) is really late

    I made my connection - cross platform. I did not have time to print my new ticket, but it was on my phone and I was in the system. My SCA is someone I know (who also asked about Dick) and the cafe attendant is also someone I have known for years. I am in the sleeper lounge now having my...
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    30 (17-18) is really late

    According to Kevin, who was on 29 yesterday, it is a different engine on 30 that there was on 29 yesterday. Our failed engine is 11.
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    30 (17-18) is really late

    My connection in DC was from 30 to 91, which clearly I will not make. After long conversations with an AGR agent (and she with her supervisor) and with a CR agent (and she with her supervisor), I was able to switch my reservation from 91 to 97 at no additional charge. I know a freight engine...
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    Amtrak Hotels - Looking For Feedback

    I agree with Bob. I think staying at the same hotel where the meeting is located is a major plus.
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    Amtrak Silver Service Trains Viewliner II Sleeping Car Numbers

    as it stands now, the 11 car of the Silver Star is a Viewliner II and the 10 and 12 cars of the Silver Meteor are Viewliner II cars.
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    One adult beverage “per trip”?

    mini bottles (Live Photo FYI) edit to add a photo of an almost depleted mini bottle of red wine 🍷
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    One adult beverage “per trip”?

    They use individual servings
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    Amtrak teases upgraded bedding/amenities for sleeping cars

    I had the new bedding on my Silver Meteor trip on 98 yesterday. In my opinion, it is nicer than the "old" bedding.
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    One adult beverage “per trip”?

    That has been my understanding - one alcoholic beverage per trip.
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    New Orleans to Florida?

    When I travel from Florida to NOL, I take the Meteor to WAS, then the Crescent to NOL. From NOL to Florida, I take the Crescent to WAS and one of the Silvers to Orlando. It is not direct, but easier than going through Chicago (which I have done in the past).
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    Meteor thru Washington

    If the train is on time, breakfast will be served before and after WAS. Last time I traveled to WAS, we were early and it looked like no breakfast. I do not drink coffee, but drink hot tea and I bring my own green tea bags. My SCA offered to bring me hot water in the dining car around 6am...
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    April Trip

    That is a fairly long trip for your first train trip, but sounds like a great trip. Everyone has different preferences for hotels. I stay at Hilton properties. There is a fairly new Embassy Suites across the street from King Street Station in Seattle where I stayed in 2019. I have stayed at...
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    New flex meal menu (10/06/21)

    I do not think the on train attendants have access to the information. However, it can be found. Right after contemporary meals started, an Amtrak employee that I know (who I ran into in the Chicago Lounge) tried to find out ingredients for me. It took a little over an hour but he was able to...
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    New flex meal menu (10/06/21)

    As stated previously, I have tried to get ingredients for over 10 years. The information was never retrieved by telephone. Unless you have actual experience, I suggest that you not disagree with @neroden who has been trying to get ingredients for quite a while.