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    Bedroom vs. Roomette?

    I am a small person and I think the distance between the sink and the bed (when down) is very small. However, even if I have to sit on the bed or stand to the side when using the sink, it is much much much more convenient than dressing in the middle of the night and walking down the hall or...
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    Bedroom vs. Roomette?

    In my experience, the B room on the Silvers has the couch facing forward, which is a big plus. I agree that you likely will be facing west. Enjoy your trip to Central Florida.
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    Hotels at Amtrak connection points nationwide

    I stayed there last December and had an excellent corner room for which I paid for with a combination of points and cash. Great room, extremely convenient and not too expensive.
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    Complimentary Drinks for Sleeper Car passengers?

    The LSA in the sleeper lounge is the individual who will provide you with your free non-alcoholic beverages, including hot water and ice. If the LSA is not in the sleeper lounge, your SCA probably could get you hot water or ice. The cafe attendant may be able to provide you with hot water and...
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    Fare Policy Question

    When I canceled a saver fare in March, I was given an e-voucher.
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    Apology Email for delay?

    A friend of mine received a similar email last week regarding a late train. It appears to be something new since I do not recall receiving such an email in the past and I have been on many late trains.
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    Anyone get this 5x points promo, and did it work for you?

    I received it and the link worked.
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    RPA Now restoring points benefit

    I see no reason not to believe the email you likely received today. RPA informed members previously that AGR points would not be awarded with RPA memberships. RPA has now found a way to reinstate that benefit. Here is the text of the email I received today: I hope this note finds you and...
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    Silver Star Cancelled Today (11/12/20)

    It is pretty wet and windy here in Central Florida. SunRail has suspended service today.
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    Politicking across the Midwest/ Build Back Better Express

    Leo is my favorite. I have traveled with him more times than I can count. He has received many awards from Amtrak, including an Amtrak Customer Advisory Committee (ACAC) Customer Service Award about 5 years ago that I had the privilege of presenting to him. :)
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    Election results and Amtrak

    MODERATOR NOTE: Two threads (New dawn for Amtrak and Amtrak CEO reaches out to Biden) were merged into this thread. Please post any comments relating to Amtrak and the election results in this thread. Please avoid political comments that are unrelated to Amtrak. Some posts that were either...
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    Booking Two Bedrooms for a 2 Hour Train

    I am far sighted and could not read the sign on the closet door until I enlarged the photo after Betty mentioned it. I was a bit confused at first because I forgot which direction I was facing. The first photo was taken of Bedroom D (my room) from the area of the window in Bedroom D. The...
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    Booking Two Bedrooms for a 2 Hour Train

    It looks like the closet next to the guy in the yellow shirt.
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    Booking Two Bedrooms for a 2 Hour Train

    It was the 2018 July OTOL fest on the Sunset Limited from NOL to Houston, days after Alan's passing 😥 and a few days before we saw Chris in SAS and then you in Austin.
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    Booking Two Bedrooms for a 2 Hour Train

    A friend and I booked adjoining bedrooms for a day trip (longer than 2 hours). We had other friends on the same train and we all congregated in the "bedroom suite." We tipped at the end of the trip.