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    Who travels in the Sleeper Cars?

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    Headroom in Viewliner bedroom?

    I have only been in the upper berth in a viewliner bedroom once. I recall that I was able to sit up, but I am only 5'2".
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    How reliable is Air Conditioning in Bedroom cars

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    Coach passengers in sleeping car rooms?

    Generally, coach passengers are prohibited from sitting/sleeping/visiting sleeper cars. Although I have not traveled during the pandemic, I am assuming that rule will be more strictly enforced now. BTW - Good luck in college. I grew up in Miami (Kendall/Pinecrest area), but left in 1970 to go...
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    Will full service dining ever return to the Western trains?

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    Who travels in the Sleeper Cars?

    I would add "women traveling alone" (who do not want to sleep next to a stranger) to the list. When I was younger (at least 25+ years ago), due to finances, I would travel in coach overnight. However, the last time I traveled from BAL to WPK, the person sitting next to me in coach was a man...
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    Amtrak Customer Service Agents

    Sometimes information is confidential and is unable to be released. It will not be disclosed to you by Acela150 or me no matter how many times you ask.
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    Amtrak Customer Service Agents

    Acela150 knows from experience about what he is talking. I also have personal experience and I agree with Acela150.
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    Orlando Station (vans available)?

    Although I believe one can contract with Mears, the van company with a name similar to "Florida van company" (that is not the name but it is something like that) is small and independent. Amtrak permits the van company to park their van in Amtrak's parking lot in a designated spot. The driver...
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    Orlando Station (vans available)?

    The last time I was at the Orlando station (in February and pre-COVID), the usual van was there. It is not a van specific to a particular hotel, but will generally take passengers to hotels in the tourist district. I live in Orlando and several years ago, I took the van to my home about 2 1/2...
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    Viewliner Sleeper Bathroom Question

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    Viewliner Sleeper Bathroom Question

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    Viewliner Sleeper Bathroom Question

    I feel very strongly about having a private restroom and realize that on superliners, I will have to pay signficantly more for a bedroom. I am not sure what the reasonable cost is to others, but either it is reasonable to me or I do not travel.
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    How much would it cost for Amtrak to build their own tracks nationwide?

    Thanks for posting the photo. It brings back wonderful memories. I traveled to and from Waldo many times. In fact, when I first traveled to college, it was by train (pre Amtrak) to Waldo.
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    What train holds the record for latest arrival/longest delay on Amtrak?

    I believe the Sunset Limited, when it traveled between LAX and Florida may hold the record for lateness. Although the train has not been discontinued, the route has been shortened, post Katrina.