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    Viewliner II Part 4: Sleeping Car production, delivery, speculation

    I think the Cardinal started running Viewliner II on May 25, 2022. I'll let you know for sure after June 16, 2022, when my son rides on it.
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    Amtrak cancels Sleeper reservation on the Cardinal

    Some members of my family are riding the Cardinal on June 16. One of them, who had Roomette 12 reserved, received notification. today that his ticket had been canceled and he needed to call in to tell them what he wanted to do. No one else in the family received this notice. Guest Rewards...
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    Effect of rising gas prices on Amtrak ridership in summer of '22

    I'm living in Italy right now, where they have excellent high speed rail, with two competing companies, very good regular rail, and moderately good metro and bus service. Gasoline is about $7 per gallon. I'm sure that a larger proportion of the population uses mass transit than in the USA, but...
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    What Amtrak Routes have you taken?

    I think we already have a thread for reporting our collected mileage.
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    Afraid To Travel On Silver Star: Advice For Traveler Anxiety

    If you just can’t stomach having the two year old in the top bunk, I’d advise using it yourself. The roomettes on the Silver Star have an upper bunk that is almost as comfortable as the bottom bunk and you could put the small children at opposite ends of the bottom bunk. I’d try it, at least.
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    Rocky Mountaineer in the Colorado Rockies

    I think my dad told me that was just a place where the railroad once stored explosives.
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    Rocky Mountaineer in the Colorado Rockies

    The trip along the river is a beautiful scenic ride. There is a lot to see there. And there is a decent paved road to the potash operation. Maybe the sticking point is getting permission from the potash operator to park a bus there. And the uranium cleanup is well past the halfway point.
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    Rocky Mountaineer in the Colorado Rockies

    The most disappointing thing about this train is that the trip ends on the Moab side far short of the most scenic areas. Passengers detrain near where the state highway that runs to Dead Horse Point State Park and Canyonlands National Park intersects with US Highway 191. After that comes the...
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    I’m on the TE/SL that’s having mechanical issues UPDATE: We are about 14 hours late

    I've wondered about just abandoning a train on which I am a passenger a time or two. Once, the Lake Shore Limited headed for Chicago was stranded by a derailment and they ended up sending buses for us. The dining and lounge car crew threw away all the food the minute they heard we would be...
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    Raising Amtrak routes above future sea level

    I’m willing to put money and/or my reputation where my mouth is. Global sea level will rise, but it will not rise two feet within three years. It might rise two feet by 2100, but I’d happily offer an even odds bet on that, though we’d have to find a committee of teenagers to hold the stakes...
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    Electrified Freight: Use batteries instead?

    No, my measuring stick for when environmental groups really believe fossil fuels are destroying the planet is when they accept the lesser evil of nuclear power. Don’t straw man me, please And don’t straw man what I say about climate change. I’ve read the actual IPCC reports. I believe CO2 is...
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    Electrified Freight: Use batteries instead?

    It’s so depressing for me to see how little progress we have made towards a rational approach to risk versus benefit assessment. Everything has costs and most things have benefits. Reading through this thread, it’s pretty apparent that humans magnify the benefits and minimize the risks of...