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    Is Solo a Good way to Travel Amtrak?

    In coach you have to sit next to a stranger. In a sleeper, you have to pay an arm and a leg (probably more like an arm and two legs). If I could find a sucker willing to travel with me, I would. But I can't.
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    Ugliest and Soul-less Amtrak Stations Used in Metropolises Today

    I never got off the train but I saw the outside of the Toledo Ohio station and it didn't look pretty. It was during the graveyard shift (CL Westbound) and I didn't really sleep well so my memory could have been fuzzy.
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    No Observation Lounge on Capitol Limited?

    I rode on the Capitol Limited back on 8/14. There was no observation lounge car, just a regular lounge car for serving food and passengers were told seating was only for paying customers only. It made the ride seem more like a plane trip than a train trip. I thing one of the lounge people said...
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    2nd bucket list trip

    They don't get ice and snow in Colorado? I thought snow was very common there, in fact don't they have a "ski train"?
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    2nd bucket list trip

    One thing to watch out for is snow. ice, and cold can delay trains and I'm guessing the California Zephyr would be one that would especially be susceptible. I remember taking the Lake Shore Limited and a train that was supposed to arrive in New York around 6:30pm arrived after midnight.
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    Best Chicago-Florida Route?

    To my knowledge the Three Rivers (1996-2005) never had a diner car. AU endlessly complains about food and dining. I'm sure there are people who avoided it like the plague and would rather take that other train that was 8 hours longer just because it had a diner. If AU could be happy with an...
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    Lakeshore Rail Alliance - Advocating for More Service Along Lake Shore Limited Route

    If there is a 2nd LSL, the priority should be to give Cleveland and Toledo service outside of the graveyard shift. Something that has been discussed in the past is to go via Michigan instead of South Bend and give Michigan passengers a one seat ride to New York as well as connect Toledo and...
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    Lakeshore Rail Alliance - Advocating for More Service Along Lake Shore Limited Route

    I found out about a new rail advocacy group called the Lakeshore Rail Alliance. Seven rail organizations are joining together including All Aboard Ohio. The lead group is All Aboard Erie. Advocates Push for Increased Lakeshore Route Service - Railway Age Lakeshore Rail Alliance Website: Home |...
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    Help planning cross country trip

    The Horseshoe Curve scenery is great but if I'm heading to Chicago and west I usually go through New York or DC because the connection is at better times than at Pittsburgh and the stations are way nicer.
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    The longest trip on Amtrak

    I've been from Pennsylvania to California three times: 1997, 2001/02, and 2015. In 1997 and 2001/02, I took the Three Rivers and Southwest Chief both ways, stopping in Chicago both times at least once if not twice. In 2002, I also remember taking the San Joaquin and then the buses between LA...
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    A Silver at South Station

    The other favorite game is adding new trains which requires more equipment which is already in short supply and even more staff and even more money. It's like when I say Amtrak should cut certain trains to add others. Sure, the idealist would say why not just add them? We all know the answer to...
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    A Silver at South Station

    I don't think it's silly at all. At one point there was through Boston-Florida service, the Champion, operating in 1973, the year I was born. The Museum of Railway Timetables ( 50 Years of Amtrak--Champion ( In addition, Amtrak had posted in a timetable...
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    "California Night Train" gaining interest

    A more readable Lark schedule from our own Eric Bowen (Streamliner Schedules): The Lark - March, 1968 - Streamliner Schedules
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    Ultimate Cross-Country Trip - Ideas? Best Stops?

    But both travel to the same location(s) for the most part. Not helpful if you are from other parts of the country. And the Auto Train overlaps the Silver Service. If you want to go from California to Florida, you have to go to Chicago. It's easier to get to Seattle and Portland in this country...