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    Empire Builder accident (9/25/21)

    NTSB: Derailment of Amtrak Train No. 7, The Empire Builder, on Burlington Northern Track, Glacier Park, Montana,. March 14. 1980
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    Amtrak Dining

    My experience from a trip last week. I took the Cardinal from MSS-CHI. The best SCA (David) I ever had, really helpful and on top of things. He delivered lunch and dinner to my roomette. I had no problem with the Flexible Dining options. Both lunch and dinner were quite good. The...
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    Amtrak Dining

    Acela 1st is reheated, just like airline service. Beef Short Ribs (not recent photo)
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    Auto train derailment south of Deland 3/26

    Yes, and with fatalities . Derailment of Amtrak Auto Train P052-18 on the CSXT Railroad Near Crescent City, Florida April 18, 2002 "The train derailed in a left-hand curve while traveling about 56 mph. The train was carrying 413 passengers and 33 Amtrak employees. The derailment resulted in 4...
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    Auto Train Coach Food Being Removed 1/14/2020?

    Uh ... But you will be paying the $200+ charge for the vehicle, that is in addition to the passenger ticket. The system will not let you book a ticket without adding a vehicle. "Problem with Vehicle Selection: To book a reservation on the Auto Train you must bring a vehicle. Please select one...
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    Auto Train Menu Updates

    They were running this menu in November. The Sleeper "BEEF PETITE TENDER FILET" redefined the meaning of the word "petite". The portion was literally two bites, it was outright shameful. We have done several AT round-trips and have always been very satisfied. But this new beef, while having...
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    FC Meals on 2160

    The last time I took the 2160 was back in Sept. 2016.  Leaving WAS, they carried the full breakfast and lunch menu.  We were able to order from either.  My wife ordered a breakfast item and I had a lunch selection.   Is this still the case?  Perhaps it was a short-term experiment.
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    Auto Train Derailment - Auto Racks (3/29)

    The cars seem to just be along for the ride .... ... no strapping to be seen. I have seen cars come off auto racks that have shifted and bumped into the next car. The AT station staff seemed to have a good process of taking photos and documenting the damage.
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    Amtrak CEO says passenger trains may not run over track without PTC

    "He said in areas that where PTC is not currently required such as in yards and terminals Amtrak is considering whether it will continue service after the end of year. “We have a question about whether we’re going to operate at all and I doubt we will,” Anderson said."...
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    Is the AutoTrain still the longest nonstop Amtrak train?

    FWIW ..... Our trip in May, it was 50 cars total. 17 passenger and 33 auto carriers.
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    Auto Train Service Updates

    This is the sleeper/business class menu from May 2017. A service change that would be new is that sleeper and business class now board 10 minutes before coach, rather than the one big rush.
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    National Day Without Trains

    Need for wait for the details. But, they have never mentioned the word boycott and I do not read it as such. I suspect more along the lines of organized rallys in cites across the country.
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    National Dining Car Specials/New Menus (April '17)

    I really liked the pork chop. The beef seemed to be the most popular and very good.
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    National Dining Car Specials/New Menus (April '17)

    On the AT, nice new menu since the last time. Not on the website.