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    Empire Builder accident (9/25/21)

    The is the tracking log of #7 (24). Shows 79mph just before the derailment. Scroll down to the map and click on the dots. Train Details
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    Empire Builder accident (9/25/21)

    Billings Gazette reports "at least three fatalities." Billings Gazette
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    11 months out, what time zone and time of day does the next day become bookable?

    I thought the same thing, but is appears to be 11 months. Reservations are available today for 8/10/2022. That is 334 days out.
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    Mandatory COVID vaccination for all Amtrak Employees

    The EU requires medical documentation of prior infection and recovery for issuance of a vaccine passport. They do not accept someones word for it or even antibody testing as sole proof. It has to be a medical record.
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    Mandatory COVID vaccination for all Amtrak Employees

    Making vaccines mandatory brings up an interesting issue: what about the 38 million Americans (over 10% of the population) who have had and survived Covid? There is now science about the effectiveness of natural immunity (obtained by surviving the infection) vs vaccine immunity. Once assumed to...
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    Tracks of the New York City Subway

    For a subway enthusiast who loves to dive into minute details of the physical plant and the operational details, this book is a must. It shows every track, every platform, every year, basically everything about the New York City subway system. The book is spiral bound, so every map lies flat...
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    Mask Mandate for Transportation Extended

    There is a difference between the infection mitigation required when a person is in surgery and is literally cut open and that required to mitigate airborne, inhaled virus in a public setting. Until the pandemic, doctors, nurses and other medical staff were not masked for routine office visits...
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    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    Why are the cars, many having been delivered months ago, still not in service. This may be the reason (from the Sacramento Bee, 6/2/21): The full article can be found here: SacBee
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    The COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card as a Travel Document

    From a practical sense, the CDC Card is not a secure official document. At best, it is a personal FYI-only record with the dates, brand and batch numbers of the vaccines administered. The CDC Card would be so easy to forge that any official use to allow travel, facility admission or similar...
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    Post-vaccine Amtrak travel

    Requesting that posts in this thread have some tie to Amtrak travel after introduction of vaccines. Other posts regarding COVID are welcome in the open Lounge topic.
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    Chicago Travel Order - 14 day quarantine

    Depending on the type of test being administered, having the patient isolated in a car may be required to allow the testing personnel to not need full anti-virus PPE.
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    Question about electrical outlet in Superliner Bedroom

    Bedrooms have two outlets.
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Keystone service and Pennsylvanian suspended effective Wednesday. March 18. Amtrak Advisory | Amtrak to Operate on Modified Schedules
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Looks like Acela weekday service is going to what looks like a modification of the regular weekend schedule, including carrying the 22XX numbers for most of the trains. That is a substantial seat reduction. 16 round trips to 5 for New York - Washington.
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    Station Status Boards - Wish List

    One new glitch. The Keystone service trains are showing as "KE STONE".