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    2020 Voting Has Begun! Registration Deadlines Begin Oct. 4 (Pro-Rail and Non-Partisan)

    As Dakota 400 reported, Ohio has made it easy to get your absentee ballot and vote as long as you dont wait until last minute. Many of our local people have voted in person at the BOE OFFICE. We only have 20,000 in the city so not a huge line except on first 2-3 days. Wife & I went down around...
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    How Small is Bedroom A on Superliners?

    We were in Bedroom A once and as Penny said, for one person it will be fine. But we are both larger people and would not want to do that again. Bathroom is a bit difficult to manipulate the doorway when beds are down. . Also if there is a wait line for the diner and you are in the 00 car, noise...
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    Getting Ready for a Big SWC/TE Circle in Nov.

    We will be on 4 & 48 ABQ-CLE at end of the month. Looks like some major delays between ABQ & Lamy today. 3-4 hour delays both ways. Track work or an accident??
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    Joe Biden Campaign Train

    Wish I had known earlier and I would have followed the train. But we are a couple hours from Alliance and three hours to PGH. Is the American View on this train??
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    Multi-City Booking Tool not working September '20

    I believe you cannot book BOS to BON since you have to take a bus, cab or metro for that connection.
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    Amtrak Line Plans FY20-25 Released

    Hello Fellow AUers. As much as I enjoy discussions of railroad history and especially the old South Penn line, we need to move this thread back to its original intent of Amtrak's future. Let's conclude our PA Turnpike posts and move it back down the line. Thanks
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    Round trip from Chicago to Eugene Oregon via PDX

    Enjoying your report Steve. Been watching the rail fan cameras and wishing I was on a train again, but wife's medical issues preclude any trip until this Covid thing is under some control.
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    Pennsylvanian Delays Today

    Looks like significant delays again on the Pennsylvanian the last few days. . Also operating with an NS freight loco on the lead the last two days. Lost an hour between Harrisburg and Lewistown today. ??
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    Pennsylvanian Delays Today

    Wires down = major delays. Thanks
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    Pennsylvanian Delays Today

    Noticed that Pennsylvanian 42 was running close to ontime until after Lancaster Pa, where it now is 3+ hours down. Westbound 43 was held up in Philly all afternoon. Anyone know of an accident or freight derailment in that area?
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    Auto train derailment south of Deland 3/26

    Did I miss the information re" personal item in the cars on the wrecked autoracks? Valuables, other items that would have been in the individual autos? Were those recovered yet?
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    Silver Meteor to terminate at Jacksonville in 3/29

    Since the FHP seemed to be stopping cars on the Florida border (according to a news report with video I saw this morning), it is likely they may be checking passengers in the JAX depot??
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    current cancellation policy

    I received the credit back to my CC in two days and points returned immediately. Very nice agent who understood quickly why we needed to cancel
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Stay safe Jim. We are in the process of cancelling our trips in May to SEA and back. With our health issues it is not a good idea to be in Seattle at this time.