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    Texas Eagle- Capitol Limited - 3/2019

    I rode the Texas Eagle and the Capitol Limited mid-March 2019. Had roomettes on both trains...Arkansas to Washington, DC. -The Amtrak station staff was very friendly and helpful... Little Rock, Chicago and DC. -The Metro Lounge in Chicago was very nice. A great place to wait for the train...
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    Price Increase?

    No idea how price increases work on Amtrak... I am taking the same trip at the beginning of March that I took a few months ago. The price is the same for a roomette on both trains. I guess it just depends on where you are going and when?
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    Menu Capitol Limited?

    I recently rode the Capitol Limited. Had a roomette.  Maybe there are lots of passengers happy about the 'new and contemporary' food offerings that I don't know about, but they weren't on my train.  Dear Amtrak: It's not working.    Go to the lounge car and get your dinner in a bag? ...