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    Empire Builder accident (9/25/21)

    I do not post often here as of recent but I need to respond to something on this post that may sound like being a jerk as well, though that is not my intention. I believe in speaking up when something needs to be said and this is really bothering me so I need to say it. I first want to highlight...
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    Coast Starlight Trespasser Incident

    I was on 14(4) and we also had a trespasser incident about 15 minutes south of San Jose last night. Handled professionally with announcements throughout. About a 3.5 hour delay as it was a busy night for the coroner. Arrived to San Jose around midnight (give or take).
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    Coast Starlight Dining

    Was onboard 11 on 7/3 from Emeryville to LA and the meal schedule followed the pre-pandemic routine. Breakfast was at your leisure until around 9:30am (if on time after all the Oakland passengers have a chance to eat). Lunch reservations were midday with around four seating's. Dinner was...
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    Amtrak teases upgraded bedding/amenities for sleeping cars

    I had the upgraded blanket and pillows on the Auto Train earlier this year. I will say the blanket was an improvement as I didn't find my self shocking myself every time I rolled around! Was on the Starlight recently and it was still the original bedding. I also went onboard the Zephyr (after...
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    Using Lyft at LA Union Station

    You could extend your reservation to connect to Amtrak 796 south from LA to Anaheim. The connection time is just over an hour and is guaranteed meaning Amtrak (in theory) would need to find a way to get you to your final destination should the connection be missed. You would then take a Lyft...
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    EMY to San Francisco bus

    The stop in San Francisco (SFC) was moved (hopefully temporarily) to 555 Mission Street (Between 1st and 2nd Streets) a few months ago. The bus contractor also was changed as the previous one left the San Francisco Market. The Bus stop at Emeryville also has now moved under the neighboring...
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    CS - Breakfast times

    I have done this trip may times boarding at Emeryville. As long as the train came in by 9am (or shortly thereafter) I was able to get on, get scanned in, and head to breakfast. The Coffee Shop has been open in the mornings for the peak train times until at least 10am or so depending on how many...
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    A suprisingly tasty flex meal

    Just had a ride on train 3 and tried the Cod as it wasn't yet available when I last rode in February. It was prepared well and was nice and flaky. Had the sugar free vanilla pudding for dessert and it looked the same as pre-COVID. As much as I enjoy Brownies and Blondies just went for a change...
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    transportation to Pier 39 from/to Emeryville. getting to zephyr; coast starlight

    As an update, the F-line Streetcar is planned to come back mid-May from the late morning until the early evening hours in conjunction with a partial restoration of service in the Market Street Subway. Can't get more specific than that until everything is finalized and approved for release but...
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    Sleeper 9712...Wow!

    I rode in one of the VII's in a bedroom last month after riding a VI the day before and I agree you can certainly tell the difference. It isn't perfect but it is a step up due to it being new (vs. worn out). I am still sorting my photos as well (once I got back to work again all bet's were off!)...
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    Day Bedroom for 3 adults?

    Yes. You can book a bedroom for three, however you need to call to do so. It exceeds the maximum recommended occupancy so you can not do it online, however it does not exceed the maximum allowable occupancy. I have done this successfully before with minimal issue. The other option is if you...
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    Auto Train Lounge Car Status?

    Looking at it I believe you are correct. On the phone they all look fairly similar and I haven't uploaded my trip photos yet. Thanks for noting. I'll update the caption but still feel similarly about the space. Could just be personal perception though.
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    Auto Train Lounge Car Status?

    Having ridden both types recently, the lounges have different layouts and were operated alightly in different ways due to that fact on the trips I experienced. The Autotrain lounges were essentially like nicer versions of the Cross Country Cafe that was used for the Coach Passengers with a...
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    Auto Train Lounge Car Status?

    The sleeper lounge was open and was one of the custom ones when I rode two weeks ago, however the standard table half was taken for dinner service as an extension of the dining car seating for dinner as they only had one seating using every other table available for dinner which was long gone...
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    Coach Ridership on Auto Train

    Just walked through the coaches. Three coaches total. Each about 40% full. Most passengers without travel companions were using the neighboring seat as well to stretch out to sleep. Seven Sleepers fairly full except for the "A" (and "N") Bedroom(s) and the number 10 Roomettes (and some number...