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    Airlines being upended

    TSA checkpoint travel numbers for 2020 and 2019 | Transportation Security Administration Here's a link to passenger throughput for the US. July 6th broke 750,000 vs. a low of 87,000 on April 14th. July 6th 2019 (or same weekday) was over 2.7 million. Some days are still kinda busy when I...
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    Anderson to AA?

    I think they still do this. Or maybe I'm mixing it up with Portland. Airport retail is a big money maker for airports, which in turn keeps airline fees lower. I use to be friends with an airport manager at DFW and his main job was retail and restaurants. Over the last 20 years, they've...
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    Texas Central Railway

    Well percentage wise, Texas is the second fastest growing state in the country so lots of crazy folk going there. While endpoint connections are important, Texas Central plans to be more like an airline and capture the huge business market between DFW and Houston. They are not really planning...
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    Anderson to AA?

    This was not the case though. This was a domestic flight itinerary entirely within Australia. They didn't know we were from outside the country. We just showed our boarding passed that had our One World status on them. That's it.
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    Service Reductions effective October 1

    There also needs to be ironclad agreements between Amtrak and it's host railroads to allow Amtrak to run daily service once they go to less. I just fear another Sunset Limited/UP debacle. Then again, when Amtrak tried this in the 90's and then went back to daily, I don't remember hearing too...
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    spokane to glacier park. yea or nay.

    I've stayed at both the Glacier Park Lodge and the Izaak Walton Inn, and both are pretty spectacular. The IZI is more for a railfan and slightly smaller in scale. The GPL, is big and its big timber columns are quite impressive. If you go with GPL, you'll get to experience riding the train...
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    Anderson to AA?

    🤷‍♂️ Of the US Legacy carriers, their respective lounges are actually paid memberships. You just had to be a member of the club to get in or have the right high fee credit card to get in. Domestic first class alone does not get you in the clubs. You still have to be a member or certain credit...
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    Anderson to AA?

    Yup. I found AU back in 2004 because of! I had discovered a couple years prior when internet forums were a new concept to me. Someone on there made a mention of AU on a discussion about Amtrak. Funny thing is that now I haven't been to in years. I like FlyerTalk now...
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    Airlines being upended

    So perhaps a little surprising but not so much is that Delta is parking their entire 777 fleet permanently. They only have 18 of them and they've always been a small part of their wide body fleet. The MD-88/90's are also done as of June 2. Delta Fleet Plans Haven't heard much other yet, from...
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    Amtrak restores staffing positions at Marshall station

    Of some of those stations, Marshall didn't have checked bag service anyway. So glad Cincinnati is getting it back too. That was a big mistake. I was also wondering how trainside checked bags was going at unstaffed stations. Or is it something Amtrak tried but never really worked sort of thing.
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    Strange Incident at Flagstaff 4(3)

    Wow, I was able to pull up the video. Thank goodness for technology.
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    Airlines being upended

    Surprised this forum has been quiet in the wake of recent events and how the airlines will fair out. We went from pretty full flights in the end of February to completely empty in the beginning of March. Most of us know the $2 trillion included $58 billion for airlines, half of which will be...
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    Cost per mile of any long distance train

    Well if you have time, you can always use amsnag to figure out the different sleeper buckets for each train and go from there. Mileage is published in the PDF timetables. I'd be curious to see some data myself.
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    Milwaukee to Anaheim, swc questions

    The Pacific Surfliner has a train between LA Union and Anaheim (and San Diego) about every hour or so. There are plenty of trains in case the Southwest Chief is late. If it is late, Amtrak will just instruct you to get off in Fullerton anyway. They won't have you change tickets. It sounds like...
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    The airplane seat recline controversy heats up again

    This incident is in coach, the last two rows. You can see the aft bulkhead along with the aft galley and door behind the guy. The E-175 is probably one of the most comfortable domestic planes out there. All 2-2 seating and an extra wide cabin. Much wider than the CRJ's 2-2 seating. That said...