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    Would Viewliners like these be possible (Or even Useful)?

    Here is the disposition of all of the Milwaukee Road Skytops. Pullman Standard (8 Double Bedroom/ Lounge) No. 12 "Adler Creek" Scrapped 1977 No.14 " Arrow Creek" recently scrapped in the 2010s in Buffalo, NY No. 15 "Coffee Creek" owned by Ed Ellis pending restoration. Knowing his finances...
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    2020 Refund/Cancellation Fee Changes for Sleeping Cars

    The reason I would like to have the full 100 percent on a voucher instead of cash is because I use Amtrak a lot. And my plans change a lot at the last minute. Take my last trip to Canada. I originally had a ticket from Vancouver to Toronto on the Canadian, but then between buying my ticket and...
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    2020 Refund/Cancellation Fee Changes for Sleeping Cars

    Now if I chose to take a voucher instead of a complete refund for a cancelation 120-15 days out, would I still lose 25 percent?
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    Amfleet Is purchased by Excursion Operator

    I wish them the best of luck with their purchase. In today's difficult times with the Corona Virus, and the economic fallout resulting from the Coronavirus it will be really tough for existing car owners. Much less new ones. So I wish them nothing but the best with their investment in these...
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    Canadian and Ocean cancelled until Nov 1, 2020

    It is still scheduled for this July after the restart. So once the border opens I'm planning on taking that route.
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    Canadian and Ocean cancelled until Nov 1, 2020

    The Ocean every time I've been on it has actually been more Canadians traveling than tourists. The train is relatively full from Montreal to Moncton. Now note the Skeena itself is starting back on June 1st as of right now. And Rocky Mountaineer is starting back July 1. And one of Rocky's lines...
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    PDX Metropolitan Lounge

    And everyone forgets about the sleeper lounge in St. Louis, MO. Which is a small sterile room on the way to the platforms. But it does have free water. Portland has a great lounge in my opinion. They closed it recently for remodeling.
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    The Music City Star, Tennessee

    Когда вы хотите ездить по Транссибирской магистрали, и вы хотите вести познавательные беседы с местными жителями. Поэтому я выучил русский язык, чтобы я мог это сделать.
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    Actually the program in the USA is not the most interesting in the world. In the former Soviet Union and her satellite states there were several "Young Pioneer" Railways. The premise of them was to provide young people training in an industrial sectors. Children between the ages of 10 and 18...
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    The Music City Star, Tennessee

    Я думаю, что я один из немногих трехязычных людей здесь. Немецкий, русский и английский.
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    New Piedmont Roundtrip

    When you mean well used are you referring to the rooms, or mechanically? Mechanically the car I have experience with had side sill damage, that was cost prohibitive to fix from when Ringling put new slabs on the car body. That would have kept it from being an Amtrak certified car. The inside...
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    New Piedmont Roundtrip

    Yes the Ringling cars we're essentially sleepers. Depending on the performing troupe residing in the cars varied on the layout of the cars.
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    New Piedmont Roundtrip

    Why send them to Connecticut, I think they would be great for our tourist railroad. Especially if we ever get serious about our dinner train plans.
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    Sumitomo/Siemens Contract for 137 Cars (former bi-levels)

    I remember a few years ago a set of them came available on Ozark Mountain Railcar. They we're converted into table cars and used on a dinner train somewhere in Michigan I believe. No clue where they went since
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    Signs about Anderson and Amtrak north of PHL

    I can see if anyone I know has any information.