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    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    Yeah thats not practical you see the Washington Terminal is not good at change. They can barely get the trains they are supposed to get out and over the road on time. Whats to say they are going to be any better with the new system.
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    Sleeping cars returning to WAS-BOS starting 05APR21

    Look at the various NightJets they manage to service their markets often with an hour or two long stop somewhere in the middle of the night. While it is true they are doing all sorts of drilling to the consist with parts going to three or more cities usually. The Night Owl is the slowest of all...
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    Ex-Iowa Pacific / Pullman Cars for sale

    I think getting one of the dead units would be fun to turn into a guest house or vacation house. Put the bedroom at the far end. Maybe if you pulled the floor up over the fuel tank you could turn that into some sort of a hot tub. But I would leave the cab intact because well who wouldn't want to...
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    What if the Milwaukee Road didn't de-energize the Pacific Extension

    I think there is a wording problem in here. "Best Engineered" can mean from construction but that has nothing to do with the actual profile of the route. In my opinion the Seaboard Airline Mainline was the "Best Engineered" route from Richmond south. But it's profile was horrible as far as...
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    Ex-Iowa Pacific / Pullman Cars for sale

    Its funny four of the cars listed are within a 40 minute drive of me. I'll be making an appointment to look at them. Of course I know they are junk from the stories I've heard but still worth a visit. There are some really good cars in there. I really would love to get my hands on the entire...
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    Sleeping cars returning to WAS-BOS starting 05APR21

    I honestly think its a great addition to the network. I'll definitely be trying this service out this year just so I can get the Downeaster. I really hope the Vermonter comes back by then too so I can attach that to the same trip as well. It now makes it possible for me to take the Palmetto from...
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    AmeriStarRail Privitizing Amtrak Service

    I mean I wouldn't mind another operator coming in and removing the NEC from Amtrak to be honest. Then they would have to forced to work on the national network. The problem we have is the management is mostly from the NEC and they tend to forget about the rest of the country. While we try and...
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    US Airports and Transit Connections

    It really depends which side your baggage claim is. As ATL has two terminals and the MARTA only services the Domestic side. Anything on the International Side requires a bus ride to the Domestic Side to reach the MARTA.
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    Auto Train fares as low as $9 + your vehicle

    Southbound only
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    No cafe cars, please...

    The Russians do that on the Sapsan. With the tickets being priced between Business Class and Economy Plus Class. I don't think it is a good thing to sell personally. But that is me.
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    Secondary Midwest connection point

    Actually there are all sorts of routings across the midwest that would give you some great variety in routes. Cleveland-St. Louis is still a mainline for CSX. EX NYC from Cleveland to Terre Haute via Marion and Indianapolis. Then it's EX Pennsy on into St. Louis. I do think there is a potential...
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    Remembering the Golden Age that Preceded Amtrak

    At one time I think they were interlined in the 1990s till OTP went down hill.
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    Official Guide 1971

    I'm currently working on the interactive map on the 1970 Summer Guide which should be pretty close to the same.
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    Cascades Talgo Move

    Fun fact that operation when he turns on his scrapping machines is the second largest power draw in the city of Anaheim. Or for the Talgos they will be the No. 1 power draw because the usual No. 1 is the Disney Company.
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    Potential Detours

    If I knew the line from Bend was going to be used I would be calling Alaska Airlines and listing as a standby travel agent five minutes after getting that news. I think that would be a detour best done northbound as you would get the entire section in daylight. But I want to ride every detour...