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    What Amtrak can learn from the Russians

    I'm sure this will offend a few people around here who like to think that America is at the top of the world but when it comes to the passenger train the Russians are running leaps and bounds around us. Here is a great example. I just booked a trip across the entire country on three trains...
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    Has anyone here done every (current) Amtrak route, end to end?

    Well I can never remember exactly how that one service is spelled. I have hit a lot of that milage because of PVs though. Almost all of it I've been attached to a car at some point in time or another. The Michigan Trains came with my private car actually as my best friend lives in Michigan so I...
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    Has anyone here done every (current) Amtrak route, end to end?

    Lets see here is my completed list. Partials at the bottom of the list. ~Palmetto ~Crescent ~Carolinian ~Piedmont ~Vermonter ~Adirondack ~City of New Orleans ~Pere Marquette ~Wolverine ~Blue Water ~Acela ~Capitol Limited ~Lakeshore Limited ~Missouri River Runner ~Coast Starlight ~Pacific...
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    Private car "Tioga Pass" on a military train

    He does this trip a few times each year. He accompanies some of the Canadian Army MPs on transcon moves across Canada. His car is well suited for this service because of it's open platform, and it handles Canadian winter really well as a former CN car.
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    FRA car on Empire Builder 8(31)

    What is always strange about the FRA car is that every time I see it the trap is completely open.
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    Mandatory COVID vaccination for all Amtrak Employees

    You would be surprised how lax masking is behind cockpit doors. From someone who gets to sometimes occupy the cockpit for restroom breaks.
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    Is Solo a Good way to Travel Amtrak?

    Knowing my ground crews I would say that is a very smart choice. And that is what I love about the train you meet so many interesting people you wouldn't meet anywhere else. At every stop a little bit of America gets on and gets off. Unlike planes where everyone is going from point A to point B...
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    Is Solo a Good way to Travel Amtrak?

    I just lost my train riding partner so I'm doing it solo again. But I've done other solo trips even when they were in the picture. I rather enjoy traveling by myself. I'm a people pleaser so I enjoy talking to people and finding out their stories. I always meet really interesting people when I...
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    Mandatory COVID vaccination for all Amtrak Employees

    Delta Airlines is charging employees who don't want to get a vaccine two hundred a month extra on their health premiums.
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    Empire Builder 2022 Outrageous Bedroom Fares

    Actually at some point in the 1990s Amtrak did experiment with this on the Pennsylvanian. They operated the JP Henderson as the Keystone Club Class. So is it doable yes. But is it practical no. Now could some PV owners do some supplementing at peak periods. I've thought about chartering a car...
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    Rocky Mountaineer in the Colorado Rockies

    It is a seasonal train. They actually offered me a job on board the Colorado train. But I took the airline offer instead. And I don't regret it to be honest.
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    Nostalgic and Historic Amtrak Stations Still Used Today

    That is something I would argue Amtrak needs to do more of. It is such a great PR stunt to get a future generation on the rails. Deutsche Bahn still does this.
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    Crescent Configuration

    I just saw the Crescent while on Taxi in Charlotte the other day returning from Flint, MI. Here is the consist I saw. Locomotive Locomotive Two Amfleet II Coacehs One Amfleet II Diner-Lite Two Viewliner I Sleepers One Viewliner II Baggage Dorm
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    Seaboard92 Is Taking Off

    My girlfriends father actually offered some form of training actually on how to defend myself. And he's EX SpetsnazI would say he's pretty qualified on self defense. He also said it's good to see what he can do to me if I ever hurt his daughter. I caught his message loud and clear.
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    The 'Ocean'......First Run! (with photos)

    VIA Rail has a service manager who stays with the train the whole route (EX Canadian). This person lifts all the tickets and is also the manager of the entire OBS staff. So on the Ocean the SM works Halifax-Montreal-Halifax. The Canadian has two SMs. Vancouver-Winnipeg-Vancouver, and...