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    Election results and Amtrak

    I understand that, but there's still a decent chance even the runoffs won't flip the seats.
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    Election results and Amtrak

    What can he possibly do if the Senate remains in the hands of Mitch McConnell? How much authority over Amtrak does the president even have? At the very least I hope he will reform the everliving daylights out of the FRA. A heavy hand needs to come down upon the AAR to force compliance with...
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    Colorado Pacific Tennessee Pass Proposal

    Should have specified that it's the first freight carrying railroad to propose this in a long time. Didn't realize that Brightline could be considered a passenger-only "common carrier" (?)
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    Colorado Pacific Tennessee Pass Proposal

    https://trn.trains.com/news/news-wire/2020/11/02-colorado-pacific-says-it-would-offer-passenger-service-as-part-of-new-bid-for-tennessee-pass-line Is this just some kind of crazy bluff, or what? When was the last time a private common carrier railroad actually proposed starting up their own...
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    RPA: Developing New Amtrak Corridors Presentation

    When I saw articles about Amtrak putting in serious commitment towards the Chicago-Twin Cities and Phoenix-Tuscon corridors, in the midst of the virtual obliteration of LD service, I knew something was terribly, horribly wrong. THAT BEING SAID, If the government turns blue and historic levels...
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    Amtrak’s own numbers show LD trains holding their own

    Finally, someone else says what I've been saying all year. Now we have to get RPA to take a more aggressive stance.
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    Amtrak Service Reductions

    https://www.railwayage.com/passenger/intercity/fourth-in-a-series-amtraks-impossible-demands/ I don't know how much more clearly you can lay it out than this. I don't understand how anyone can trust or believe anything Flynn or his people say anymore.
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    Amtrak Service Reductions

    This guy gets it. Though at this point I also have a hard time believing anyone at Amtrak, let alone its president, is dumb enough to continue believing Gardner's lies when the facts have been so clearly and thoroughly presented. Could the Chief of Operations alone be responsible for hijacking...
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    Amtrak Service Reductions

    That may be too cerebral, given the level of understanding demonstrated by the committee today.
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    Amtrak Service Reductions

    So this happened today https://www.railpassengers.org/happening-now/news/blog/testimony-of-jim-mathews-september-9th-2020/ Read the comment below it. While Jim absolutely roasted Flynn alive with the facts, he didn't even include the best ones. It should be clear to anyone with even a quarter...
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    Self-defense (on train)?

    Now, if you were to take Greyhound... You might need ALL of those things I mentioned. *shudders*
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    Amtrak Line Plans FY20-25 Released

    FFS why can't Missouri get its act together already and add more trains? We need STL - MEM and STL - Springfield. That bus bridge to CONO really doesn't cut it. I really have to hand it to Illinois for their incredible level of service. Almost makes me want to live there...
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    Will full service dining ever return to the Western trains?

    It's not exactly a deal killer for me either but it's very close. There are so many creative things they could do to both cut costs and make the experience better. It's really not that hard to make decent food in an easy and cheap manner. One cook, a freezer full of pre-prepared meals made...
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    Triweekly service will be overshadowed by drop in revenue

    Oh I understand Big Freight's leverage over Congress, particularly the cherry flavored parts. How then could Amtrak have any kind of leverage over freight? Amtrak can't make any kind of change to scheduling, consist length, route, or a whole slew of other things without the host railroad going...
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    Will full service dining ever return to the Western trains?

    Millennial here, can confirm none of us like bad food. We also really don't like being alone and isolated, even if that's what we're used to, and we're not shy of strangers, so communal seating is not a turn-off. I could go on and on about how things could be done better but let's just be...