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    Most scenic parts of Amtrak routes traversed during the night?

    Much of the Kootenai River Canyon between Libby, MT (well, Troy, really) and Bonners Ferry, ID is largely inaccessible by road and our (BNSF's) Kootenai River Sub. traces it near water level. If I remember correctly, BNSF at one point rated it as the most scenic spot in their network. As an...
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    For those of you who have gone to East Glacier

    Judy at the Sear's Motel rents out for Dollar in East. She'll have somebody grab a car and meet you at the station if you ask. Amtrak's where most of her customers come from, so it's a pretty frequent occurrence. If you did walk, it's about a 15 minute stroll up the road.
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    Anyone have the Link for Google Maps with the AMTRAK routes

    Well I WAS working on a path/route overlay project kinda thing to map out every rail line in North America, color coded for each railroad (and white for regionals), but then I left Florida (without a computer), forgot about it, came back, and well... got lazy. I did get quite a bit done though...
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    Heritage Sleepers

    They own quite a few. Up until 2007, the crew dorms on the Silvers, Crescent, and Lake Shore were Heritage 10-6 sleepers. Their age coerced them into retirement and they now sit motionless at Beech Grove. With such an obvious lack of Viewliners, that decision still absolutely baffles my mind.
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    U.S. to Require Stronger Passenger Railcars After Collisions

    Sounds about right. Didn't all three of the listed collisions involve cab cars? I'd think if it was speaking of all rail cars in general, the MetroLink wreck surely would've been mentioned first. Certainly makes sense... Tri-Rail trains down here in FLA are involved in quite a view vehicle...
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    2010 Summer Amtrak Adventure.

    Going east, I'd pick the Cardinal for scenery, but westbound I'd much rather be in a Superliner coach and have a Sightseer Lounge on the Cap than a bumpier Amfleet II with a cafe car that shouldn't even be called a lounge.
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    Accurate Maps of Amtrak Routes

    The FRA actually has an extraordinarily useful map on their site under the freight railroading section of all North America. Some areas are outdated and need to be double checked using state DOT maps and private RR maps, but it lets you zoom in to see ownership and trackage rights on all rail...
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    New Lake Shore Limited consist

    Did the Boston section still have a Horizon dinette?
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    How Amtrak could become Solvent...

    Remember the fact that a massive percentage of people, especially here, have little or no common courtesy and simply don't give a crap about everybody else's sanity. Can you imagine the sound of an impatient dog that's been kept in the storage rack for 7 hours in between smoke stops? The smell...
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    Dinner In the Diner

    Yes, you will receive dinner. Your room attendant will reserve seats for you in the dining car before you board and though you won't be able to choose what time you eat, you will still eat nonetheless.
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    Beech Grove drive-by

    Is it like your ultimate goal on this forum to make this guy look like crap? I mean, don't get me wrong, it's humorous to watch both of your fruitless bickering that I used to do to prove I was right in 1st grade, but it gets aggravating that you have some kind of accusation to throw out after...
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    Accurate Maps of Amtrak Routes

    I'm slowly constructing an accurate map of every rail line in the US and Canada on Google Earth, organized according to railroad ownership and trackage rights. I'll let you know when I finish that portion of CSX and find a way to post the file.
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    MPI MP36 and Amtrak

    That's only because they're geared for lower speeds. As freight engines, the computers and gears are placed at settings allowing for high-powered, slow freight movements. Make some minor modifications to them both, and you can easily gear it for high speed passenger hauling capability. The...
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    Snow Trip

    Ride VIA's "Hudson Bay" from Winnipeg to Churchill, Manitoba.... I think you'll get a flurry or two along that route.
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    Dining Car from the Past

    This explains why VIA's dining cars look so much nicer... Canada has no such chair law.