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    Tom's 3-pack of fotos

    Not a thing wrong with an Eagle in flight! You do live in one beautiful place . . . always, always enjoyed the Pacific Northwest. Maybe in my next life! Cheers!
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    Tom's 3-pack of fotos

    Trio #01 My rail travels over the past 2-decades have been aboard trains in Canada and the U.S. (Alaska included). The majority of fotos were taken thru the windows of my bedroom accommodations or from the rear vestibule when the sleeping car was located at the rear. Others were snapped inside...
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    Small plane discussion

    Had to read that comment a few times in order to appreciate your meaning! Been to St. Pierre by means of a US Coast Guard vessel - this all before your country had a CG of your own. Back then, we did the Search & Rescue, International Ice Patrol off of Newfoundland, Labrador and Greenland and...
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    Small plane discussion

    Figured I would chime in with some aircraft stories of my own. Back in 1959 upon arriving in Anchorage Alaska (Elmendorf AFB) aboard a Pacific Northern Airlines (PNA) Lockheed Constellation from Seattle,WA I transferred to a PNA DC3 bound for Kodiak via Homer. The seat "back" I had was a...
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    What train holds the record for latest arrival/longest delay on Amtrak?

    Thought I would chime in with an unusual late arrival - actually two - that took place several years ago whilst making a same-day round trip between Kirkwood, MO and Kansas City, MO. This itinerary, if one can call it that, was my way of getting a "train fix" whilst not having to be away...
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    A letter to Amtrak's new CEO by Senator Steve Daines

    Being a bit late to this thread, I found a subject very near 'n dear to my interests. I too sent a copy of the letter to my Senators, especially since Missouri has two long-distance trains making stops in and passing through our state (SW Chief and Texas Eagle) along with a reduced-frequency...
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    Are you using the AGR credit card less?

    Last time used was for my annual CZ trip (begun in StL to CHI) to SAC and the California State RR Museum in Oct 2019. No trip planned for this year - breaking my consecutive yearly visits. "Last time" is perhaps a harbinger of things to come with Covid adding to the downward spiral of Amtrak...
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    City of New Orleans routing

    My travels aboard the Canadian were before the ridiculous and unreasonable long layovers in Winnipeg. Jasper for refueling, etc. was tolerable - always enjoyed the town. Cheers!
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    City of New Orleans routing

    An interesting thread with equally interesting points of view.
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    WSDOT retiring, selling Talgo trainsets, not acquiring "Wisconsin" trainsets yet

    For my 2-cents worth on the subject of Talgo to Horizon, it saddens me. My trips aboard Cascades have been from Seattle to Vancouver, BC with returns to Portland, OR for connection with the Empire Builder. Always in business class and always glued to the window on the seaside of the car, I...
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    City of New Orleans routing

    Lots to think about with this one . . . I will restrict my 2-cents to CZ and SWC: When I travel long-distance by train, "faster" has nothing to do with what I am looking for - I savor the moments aboard the trains along with the fantastic scenery aboard the CZ in Colorado and SWC in...
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    City of New Orleans routing

    I have wondered that very thought about CoNO into StL a few times - then after taking many trips aboard Lincoln Service (StL-Chi) it hit me: one could walk faster than the "speed" of the train between StL Gateway Station and into Granite City, IL. Terrible and truly something modern-day...
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    Canadian and Ocean cancelled

    With relatives in Bedford (now Halifax) Nova Scotia, my wife and I made the annual round trip aboard the Ocean from Montreal. Actually, our first visit "home" was aboard the Atlantic . . . Nevertheless, over the decades VIA has undergone so many changes including the inclusion of the Chunnel...
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    Amenities that have disappeared from Amtrak

    Having just returned from a SW Chief trip (CHI-LAX) I once again experienced the "no printed schedule and no route guide" in the bedroom "thing." Nothing really surprising but always a turn-off. I do travel prepared with my own personal copies of both from trips-past - however, I have to...