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    Chicago to Portland, OR Advice

    Last year Thanksgiving I road out breakfast was a cresuont from the cafe they heated it up was very good.Yogurt and some fresh fruit a banana I think I gave that to a little girl in coast,I don't like bananas. Meal was very good.
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    steamed mussels

    Very good served in the shell
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    Bring a packed tent on Amtrak?

    If you're on the Hiawatha they have checked baggage so should be no problem.
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    Two PPC's saved by Steam Railroading Institute

    Thanks for the great photo story.
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    Empire buider consist

    Will the Emprire Builder have the extra coach on board for the Thanksgiving week and the following week to and from Chicago to St Paul?
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    Can get points need to book trip

    the_traveler I'm trying to see how many points I need for a trip.
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    Can get points need to book trip

    I have been trying for the last week and a half to find out on Amtrak website how many point needed for a trip and continually get error unable to book with points continue using a credit card. What gives?
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    CUS temporary bag storage, and food options

    There have been some posts on Facebook page about baggage being taken from the free storage area in Chicago the last few weeks. Some people say you can lock your bag to the rack with a bicycle lock.
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    Chicago to Seattle via SWC and CS using AGR

    Have done this route but be aware if SWC is late like I was (over 8 Hours) they will bus you to Bakersfield then San Jouquine to Sacremento.
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    Parking in or near Chicago Amtrak station

    At Milwaukee Amtrak Intermodal station parking is $6 a day its a prepay machine and right next to the station
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    Empire Builder being late regularly

    Anyone know the reason for the Empire Builder being consistently 3 to 4 hours late in the past few weeks? Was on it 8/24-8/26 turned out 4:30 hours late into Milwaukee. Car attendent said this was becoming the norm.
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    Connection from CS to EB in Portland

    Is it a gaurented connection between CS and eastbound EB? If not what happens if CS is late and misses EB?
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    Tell Me About the Picture in Your Avatar-----

    Mine is self explainatory
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    If you could go back to the 50's

    The Great Northern Empire Builder