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    Amtrak conductor fatality in Westerly RI incident

    I’m certainly didn’t mean to imply fault in this situation. I’ve observed the practice on amfleet equipment many times. I once observed one of those doors stuck open at speed and unattended. I advised the lsa and it was addressed. The lsa was very appreciative for f my discretion.
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    Amtrak conductor fatality in Westerly RI incident

    If I understand the procedure correctly is the conductor stands in an open doorway as the train pulls out of the station to ensure no passengers are too close to the moving train. The equipment is amfleet one, so there are no Dutch doors. Possibly the conductor slipped or lost balance.
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    New Illinois service

    They need to build a connection from BNSF to the ex rock island tracks and upgrade the tracks from this junction to quad cities.
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    Avelia Liberty/New Acela II's Speeds and Trip Times

    They are going to build new tunnels in Baltimore iirc. How much time savings would occur from that project?
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    Damaged cafe car on Silver Star 91

    Hopefully no more than 1 hour. They must have a stray sitting around. And there is a maintenance facility there. They could fix it or replace it.
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    More Positive News 2nd Train MSP-CHI

    There was an article in train’s magazine stating that Amtrak was supporting the merger between CP and KCS. In return CP would operate the second frequency between chi-msp. Additional CP would operate the New Orleans Baton Rouge train and allow Amtrak to use the Windsor tunnel for chi-det-tor...
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    Passengers allowed to walk around train while NOT in station

    Oops. Shows what I know. Great photos.
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    Passengers allowed to walk around train while NOT in station

    I believe you are near Osceola or ottumwa Iowa.
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    Passengers allowed to walk around train while NOT in station

    I can understand that a crew would do this to accommodate smokers. It’s a better solution than just keeping them in the train. I’m surprised they did this in the snow. The conditions could be slippery. When 6 detoured through Wyoming a smoke stop was eliminated because the platform at...
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    Scenery on the Coast Starlight

    Doing coast starlight both ways along the coast near Santa Barbara gives two experiences. The light and weather conditions change.
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    How late is the Chicago lounge open for LSL boarding?

    Plan to be back by 8:30. The day that you are using the lounge confirm with the agent that returning at 8:30 will be early enough to board 48.
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    Who is drawn to flying?

    I’ve always enjoy any type of travel. What I enjoy about air travel is that it opens up new places to travel to and ride trains. I enjoy looking out the window during take off and landing. And if I’m flying over something new I’m curious. I enjoyed flying over the North Pole. And it was...
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    California Zephyr EMY-Chi departing 12/27

    It was actually a 787 Dreamliner. I was in that new premium economy section. A first for me. United was great both ways.
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    Thoughts about how Amtrak should handle future train cancellations.

    Imho Amtrak needs to develop some type of algorithm for determining his to rebook, support sleeping car passengers when a train gets canceled. Things to consider: 1. Distance person is traveling. A person traveling overnight should be given priority over Some one traveling just to Reno...
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    Snow storms on Donner Pass

    Mike called Tge same number I did to get a refund. The reason a refund could not be given immediately was that the ticket had already been lifted. If the ticket agent has simply explained that I would not have been so demanding about the refund. I should have realized this without being told.