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    Required turn around time in Seattle for delayed arrival of Amtrak 7 Empire Builder?

    Because of mechanical and other issues the Empire Builder 7(9/17) lost 9 plus hours in Montana and is now continuing on beyond Spokane(normal emergency turn around point) and will not arrive Seattle until after 5 PM. That train has to be serviced and turned around to be Empire Builder 8(9/19)...
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    AGR Website

    I just started having problems "loading" Amtrak Guest Rewards As of 6/5 and 6/6/19, when I sign on to on either the IPhone App or on my PC Chrome Browser, comes up with all my reservations made online or via phone call with no problem. If I try to transfer on the app or on...
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    Coach Guest in Roomette

    Use of the open sleeper ticket caution:  A person with an open sleeper ticket is not allowed to occupy a "coach seat" so that would not be a good way to invite a coach passenger to "just visit" in your sleeper accommodations.  Such a open sleeper passenger would be expected to sleep in your...
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    Luggage storage in Chicago's Metropoliton Lounge

    There definitely is no over night storage in any of the sleeper lounges. The best bets for leaving something for multiple days is to ask a hotel to hold them for you.  Of course you will probably have to stay at least one night at that hotel.
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    DEN-CHI CHI-NOL Roundtrip

    My experience has been that all the security people I have seen on the Zephyr or other trains is that they work in two's and they do not stay on a moving train. In other words the security people usually board a "standing train" in station, make their rounds and detrain before the trains...
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    DEN-CHI CHI-NOL Roundtrip

    Don't worry about the search in your sleeper accommodation.  You indicated that you paid CASH for your roomette upgrade. That is one of the things that can trigger a search.  On one of my trips in 2016 on the Zephyr, the security men were on board before we boarded and while they chatted with me...
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    3 Points/Dollar: AGR Mastercard Purchases (ended 12/31/18)

    I got my statement and got the 3x bonus with no problem. I normally only use my card for Amtrak trip purchases but I used my card a good bit for regular non Amtrak purchases the much of December including paying my property taxes with the card.  
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    3 Points/Dollar: AGR Mastercard Purchases (ended 12/31/18)

    In the ad at the beginning of the AGR webpage, BOTH CARDS ARE SHOWN.  It is that the Platinum is shown behind the World card with a little of the right side of the Platinum card sticking out.
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    Can I sleep in my husband's room?

    Sarah, YES, if you add your name to his reservation. If he has a bedroom and not a roomette, there will be room enough for one adult and the 3 year old on the bottom bunk since it is wider that a twin but not quite a double. Only one adult then should sleep on the top bunk. This way all three of...
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    3 Points/Dollar: AGR Mastercard Purchases (ended 12/31/18)

    Did you get an email telling you that your spending on the credit card until December 31 would earn 3x points? I did.  I think what you should do is examine your next BoA statement where it lists points earned.  Usually there are two lines with one line being your purchase amount at 1x point for...
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    Can I sleep in my husband's room?

    The key to this is CALL preferably Amtrak Guest Rewards 1-800 number and tell the agent what you have already done and then ask the agent how to add you to his reservation. I would not do the "open ticket' thing. The coach ticket you bought cannot get you into your husbands room so let the agent...
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    Size of the Western LD Winter Consists

    I'm traveling SEA-CHI on 2/20 and have room 3 in 831 car so I'm hoping there are two Seattle sleepers this Winter or if one sleeper, it is x31 instead of x30. 
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    I need advice on my cross country travel

    Because somewhere in this forum she mentioned arriving on the bus in New Orleans at 7:55 AM. Sunset Limited departs 9 AM and the City of New Orleans does not depart New Orleans until 1:45 PM. I am almost certain there are other buses from Mobile to New Orleans that would arrive closer to the...
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    I need advice on my cross country travel

    It appears you will be traveling on the Sunset Limited departing New Orleans at 9 AM to Los Angeles connecting to the Coast Starlight Los Angeles to Seattle.  Actually, a better timed route would be leave New Orleans at 1:45 PM on City of New Orleans to Chicago and transfer in Chicago to the...
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    Which is the best Superliner Bedroom on the 29 Capitol Limited?

      You are correct. 2900  is the car next to the dining car lounge, Then would be 2901 and 2902. 2902 would only operate if they had three regular sleepers and I've never ridden the Capitol Limited with three sleepers.