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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Posting after a long hiatus, so if this has already been discussed please direct me to the appropriate thread I just got off a journey on the Crescent from Atlanta to New York, disappointed that there is no longer a Dining Car on that train. The Cafe-Lounge attendant told me that seat-down...
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    Amtrak train number 9 & 10?

    Ah! Interesting! So at one point Amtrak was running *two* long-distance trains on almost similar route? North Coast Hiawatha and Empire Builder?? How long did that arrangement last?
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    Amtrak train number 9 & 10?

    The 5 main western LD trains currently are 1/2 (SSL), 3/4 (SWC), 5/6 (CZ), 7/8 (EB) and 11/14 (CS), so what happened to train numbers 9 and 10? Was there a "train 9/10" in the Amtrak era that does not run anymore? If not, why was that number pair skipped?
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    Coast Starlight diversion between Klamath Falls and Eugene?

    So if the train is only going to run between LA-Sac for the "forseeable future", can they please divert it over Caltrain route at San Jose and bring it to San Francisco 4th and King, thus recreating the erstwhile Coast Daylight? Please Amtrak... pretty please?
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    Minor BNSF Derailment in Madera Impacting San Joaquin Service

    As if this was not enough, a morning southbound San Joaquin hit a car at a railroad crossing just before Madera, rendering the train out of service. After a 2 hour wait, Amtrak called buses (likely the ones put in place for the BNSF bus bridge) to the accident location to transfer passengers and...
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    Coast Starlight diversion between Klamath Falls and Eugene?

    Thanks for the details listing on lines in the west. If my observation of the map (see below) is correct, there is still a section between Klamath Falls and Chemult that has only one rail route that can support mainline operations (the other being the long windy slow line through People's...
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    Coast Starlight diversion between Klamath Falls and Eugene?

    It is incredible (and a bit scary) that the entire west coast of United States between Bay Area and Portland has only one, mostly single-track rail route with no alternates, vulnerable to major disruption due to intentional or unintentional damage. I was checking OpenRailwayMap and looks like...
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    Coast Starlight diversion between Klamath Falls and Eugene?

    Yes I saw all three older threads but did not get a conclusive answer to my query- is the trainset of Coast Starlight traveling (sans passengers) over some detour route between Klamath Falls and Eugene? If not, what explains the Eugene-Seattle section of Coast Starlight running 4-5 hours late...
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    Coast Starlight diversion between Klamath Falls and Eugene?

    For the last few days, running status for the northbound Coast Starlight shows it reaching Klamath Falls more or less on time (<1 hour delay most days), then no update for Chemult and Eugene, and reappears to continue further north with a 5 hour delay! You can check this trend for train #11 for...
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    Sleeper Car has been removed from train #11 (6/17)

    So I finally managed to get to an Amtrak agent on the phone. He confirmed that due to "some problems" the Coast Starlight is only running between Sacramento and Los Angeles and there are no sleeper cars available to use (where did they leave all the sleeper cars? In the Oakland yard?). He did...
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    Sleeper Car has been removed from train #11 (6/17)

    To everyone suggesting I should try sleeper on another day- please do not assume everyone on this forum is a retiree and taking the train just for fun! I cannot do another day, I have places to reach and work to do. It is a commentary on how bad/unreliable Amtrak is when multiple people's first...
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    Sleeper Car has been removed from train #11 (6/17)

    I have a trip coming up in one week on Coast Starlight from OKJ to LAX. I had booked a roomette since I did not want to sit in coach for 12 hours. Today I got this email from Amtrak- We wanted to let you know that the Sleeper Car has been removed from train #11, the Coast Starlight, from...
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    Silver Star: What to do for meals without Diner?

    Since the Silver Star runs without a Diner, what do sleeper passengers usually do for meals if traveling end-to-end from Miami to NYP? Looking at the schedule, it looks like the major stations around meal times are- Orlando 7.30pm - dinner Raleigh 8.45am - breakfast Richmond 12.00pm - lunch...
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    Extremely loud, long announcements on Capitol Corridor!

    I took a Capitol Corridor train today and the overzealous conductor/attendant (whoever makes the manual announcements) spent the entire trip making long, repeated announcements over and over again on the PA system which was set to Volume = 100. It was something on the lines of- "THIS IS CAPITOL...
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    Northeast Regional hauled by twin switchers (10/30)

    I was going to say "oh wait if power lines were down, how come my commuter train ran fine alongside the switcher-hauled-NERegional" but then remembered MBTA runs diesel under wires on the NE Corridor!