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  • Hi Dave,
    Are you planning to come to the Gathering in Dallas? We have had an interesting year with some serious health issues but are feeling better and I will make the trip via CL and TE if things continue to go well. Claudia will not be coming since she has trouble being on the train for longer distances now. Hope things are going well with you and look forward to seeing you if you make the trip.
    RR Bill
    Greetings! It is tragic, as I'm sure you can observe, that the gay and lesbian topic as it pertains to working for and traveling on the railroad, that I opened, can not be peacefully discoursed without descending into drivel and thus lock it down before turning into 'riot-flaming' mode. It is my wish that one day we can talk about it something without burning in it.

    NE933 (Robert)
    I think Travelers goal is to have one post for every 100 Amtrak miles he's traveled, or was that one mile for every 100 posts?
    Someday, somewhere, I will find an Internet forum on which I will have MORE POSTS than the_traveler!
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