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    What trains have new cars?

    The funk that creeps up from a Amtrak toilet has it's own unique smell.
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    Short Consists of Long Distance Trains

    Friday we took the Carolinian home from PHL to CLT. When we boarded in PHL, I noticed an extra coach car had been added. I took a walk through the train, coach cars were packed to the gills. We were in business, and it stayed packed until RGH. Yeah, nobody rides trains anymore.
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    Amtrak Dining

    On the Crescent yesterday going from CLT to PHL, wife and I managed to survive another round of flex meals.
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    How cold does it get on Amtrak Trains

    This was coach not sleeper. Normally I wouldn’t consider bribing someone. But the particular situation involved doing what you have to do, to get the Klondike bar.
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    How cold does it get on Amtrak Trains

    Wife and I like things on the cold side. Last year some moon bat insisted that the car be kept at Florida summer temps. It was Florida temps outside as well. That went over like a fart in church with me and other passengers. Myself and others took up a collection and bribed an attendant to...
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    Does Amtrak Have a "Last Mile" problem on corridor routes?

    As a resident of Charlotte, I can assure you that no to and from bus service will consistently happen at the existing station. A bus does show up for the arriving Carolinian at night. However if the Carolinian is running late, the bus pulls away empty. I’ve seen it happen many times. No...
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    What features are important in a sleeper

    A/C is important to me first and foremost.
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    Excellent offer for Amtrak Mastercard

    You should be fine.
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    Ticket counters not accepting cash?

    I'm greatful I don't have to bother with gift card shenanigans. As far as using my bank debit cards with a Visa or MC logo, I never use those for day to day purchases either. I like to minimize direct exposure to my cash liquidity in my bank accounts. I'd rather fight a fraudulent purchase issue...
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    Complimentary Lounge Pass x6

    A couple of months ago I added the Amtrak World MC to the herd. Yesterday, my lounge pass showed up in the mail. Upon opening the envelope, I quickly noticed, I have not one pass, but 6! Somebody stuffing the envelope screwed up, or was mad at management. Thank You Amtrak!
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    No water in CZ sleeper car

    I've always had a fondness for these.
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    No water in CZ sleeper car

    A statement like that reminds me of Soviet train travels. LOL.
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    Dinner tonight on SW Chief

    I'm a diabetic and found drdumont's comment funny.
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    Questions about points

    Log into your Amtrak account and up at the very top of the page it will tell you how many points you have. Amtrak app will do the same. There is no table for how many points it takes for a trip. Too many variables. A lot of us do dummy bookings to see how many points a trip will take. Just go...
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    Dinner tonight on SW Chief

    It can be both. Some people have legit issues. Others just like to jump on a bandwagon.