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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak-related Discussion

    Saw that - it looks like 351 and 352 are the only Wolverines running. Surprised they didn’t run 354 instead of 352, as that is the one with connections from LD trains eastbound (351 does connect with LD trains westbound). Staying home myself, but it would seem like they would want to preserve...
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    Glenwood Springs hotels near Amtrak station?

    I took this trip last year around Memorial Day - went both ways in a roomette (connecting to/from the Wolverine in CHI). I stayed 5 nights at the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort as I wanted to spend a lot of time at the pool, though other hotels may be less expensive (you can buy a day pass for the...
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    Empire Builder-Wolverine connection no longer permitted?

    It seems 354 now shows as an allowed connection from 28 again, though not 8. Saw a post on Trainorders remarking about 14-28 connection no longer showing up, but that to seems to have reappeared recently. They suspected the recent Amtrak server maintenance may have inadvertently removed...
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    Empire Builder-Wolverine connection no longer permitted?

    At least as of now, connections to the Pere Marquette from the Empire Builder seem to be bookable as a single ticket. It’s just the Wolverine (and Blue Water, but I’m not sure that ever was a connection given the departure time) that aren’t.
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    Empire Builder-Wolverine connection no longer permitted?

    It’s not quite that bad - your search was showing as missed connections all #8s arriving less than 95 minutes before #354. If you put 20 min for the connection time, it shows 35% missed connections. Still not great, but not nearly as bad - and that’s during winter. Perhaps too iffy for Amtrak to...
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    Empire Builder-Wolverine connection no longer permitted?

    In that case, I would plan on changing the ticket online or by phone from the train before the Wolverine departs - which should work unless the EB gets stuck in an area with no cell coverage during the time the Wolverine departs.
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    Empire Builder-Wolverine connection no longer permitted?

    I was looking at taking the Empire Builder later this year after the Gathering as that is the only western LD train I have yet to take. Anyway, when looking at PDX/SEA-ARB itineraries, I noticed that Arrow only offers a connection to a Thruway bus arriving at 4:40am (!) to return to ARB. I could...
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    Wolverine Delays & Disruptions? (Summer 2019)

    I took a round trip from Ann Arbor to New Buffalo earlier this week - wanted to enjoy Lake Michigan during the freak warm weather we had earlier this week. In both directions I arrived about 40 min late. 355 departed ARB around 20 min late (seemingly due to waiting for 352, as tracking showed it...
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    Pacific Surfliner recommendations

    The one key difference between business class and coach on the Surfliner is that business class is reserved, while coach is unreserved. That is an advantage when traveling at busy times (as coach may be standing room only), but a disadvantage when you want flexibility (as you can take any train...
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    LSL Boston Section and Vermonter connection at Springfield

    This is an issue I ran into on my first overnight Amtrak trip 8 years ago or so - no connections between the Vermonter and LSL. In my case, I wanted to get to Vermont from Ann Arbor (via Toledo). Ended up getting picked up in Springfield (and taking the Capitol Limited+Regional there to avoid...
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    Do you go out of your way to ride a particular train?

    I once took a Surfliner from San Diego to Santa Barbara and an overnight bus from there to Emeryville in order to ride the Tehachapi detour, and I took the Coast Starlight from Eugene to SAC to connect to the Zephyr Wyoming detour rather than catching the EB at PDX. Also, I once did a loop...
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    Got a favorite detour you have ridden?

    My Coast Starlight went through Tehachapi in the later afternoon - as I recall it was light until we got to about Lancaster. Don't have any pictures unfortunately, though the trip log is still up. By "more direct Empire Builder route" I just meant taking the standard Empire Builder route from...
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    Got a favorite detour you have ridden?

    Tehachapi detour on the Coast Starlight 6 years ago. At the time I was living in San Diego, so it was fairly easy to get there - being that the detour was southbound, I took the overnight bus-train combo up to Emeryville and then the detour+Surfliner to return. Had a number of railfans on the...
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    Got a favorite detour you wished you had ridden?

    Lake Shore Limited/Capitol Limited Michigan detour. Living in Michigan where no LD trains usually run, it would be an interesting trip to ride one on the Michigan Line. The detour from Toledo to Dearborn would also be interesting. I was actually on a westbound LSL that did the Michigan detour...
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    What if you have trouble sleeping on an Amtrak Train?

    I have trouble sleeping on long distance trains sometimes, even in sleeper. One thing I've done is use earplugs and a sleeping mask to block out light and noise, but the bumpy track (and sometimes heat/cold) will still keep me awake sometimes. If I'm getting off early in the morning (such as in...