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    Viewliner II Part 2: Dining Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    Just transferred to 84 at Washington. The Crescent, with Indianapolis, is still here. Annapolis - 68001, is parked on Track 30, attached to the FRA Safety car 221. I post this, for anyone trying to keep track of the Viewdiners. *** Yes, I realize the food is the same. The quality of service...
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    Viewliner II Part 2: Dining Car Production, Delivery, Speculation

    In case anyone is wondering, 8400 - Indianapolis, is on 20(3) right now. I had dinner in it leaving Atlanta, and look forward to breakfast in the morning.
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    Detroit to Toledo Thruway Bus question

    I've been away from the forum for a while, but I wanted to drop by with a question. Thanks in advance for the answer! I'm looking at a trip from Detroit to Washington, and I don't want to backtrack all the way to Chicago to make the connection. There is a Thruway connection between Detroit and...
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    Amtrak Derailment Philadelphia (5/12/2015)

    I would guess that that leftmost catenary support was hit by the locomotive or one of the leading cars when it initially derailed. The last two cars, which are in line with the track, derailed but they'd been slowed by the impact and so stayed roughly on the line of the track past the initial...
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    Switching roomettes post-reservation

    I have done this before. You can call and talk to an agent. Sometimes, they say they can't do it, but it's entirely possible and should not result in a price increase. I've also been a party to a roomette swap. On a recent trip, A family came and asked if we would swap so the kids could be...
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    what need Austrian passport possessor for Ametrak train to/back Canada

    The southbound border crossing is done in the exact same manner as the northbound crossing, except that the American CBP officers tend to be more suspicious and ruder than the Canadian CBSA-ASFC officers. Essentially, the train will stop at the border for 90 to 120 minutes while the border...
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    DC Metro station architecture types overview and map

    Thanks for sharing my post. It was lots of fun to put together.
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    What is your mileage?

    My first inter-city* train travel was in 2005. *Meaning not on transit and not on scenic railways. Since 2005, I've traveled: 33,974 miles on Amtrak 4,162 miles on Via Rail Canada 2,718 miles by train in Europe, mostly on Deutsche Bahn for a total mileage of 40,854. So far in 2014, I've...
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    Best way to plan longer trips? Tools/Websites?

    Also, I just used Amtrak's website to plan a trip from Miami to San Francisco (just to prove it's possible to you). I can't attach photos for some reason, but I can tell you it gave me 2 different options, and did not require me to manually put in each transfer. OPTION 1 98 Silver Meteor - MIA...
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    Best way to plan longer trips? Tools/Websites?

    I actually recently went from San Francisco to Tucson, and the website showed it as a viable option. Just remember, the Sunset Limited (LA to Tucson) does not operate every day of the week, so you may not see it on the day you want to travel.
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    Help, I want to ride every train

    Okay, just spitballing here, but how about: START: Chicago Day 1: 9:30P depart on the Lakeshore Limited to Boston (arrives Day 2) Day 2: 9:10P arrive in Boston. OVERNIGHT in Boston. Day 3: 6:10A depart Boston on the Northeast Regional to New York (arrives 11:57A). ........:12:42P depart New...
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    DART light rail starting Dallas/FortWorth airport service

    Jim, to Clarify, the Orange Line from DFW runs through Victory (American Airlines Arena) station and then turns onto the transit mall, where West End is the first station in Downtown Dallas. But the line continues beyond that, and out toward LBJ/Central. Union Station is on the Red and Blue...
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    Hi-Yo, Silver!!!

    Okay, time to share my own experience. (I guess this makes this a trip report). I left my apartment in Greenbelt at 7:45, to walk 5 minutes to the bus stop. I caught an on-time G12 bus to New Carrollton, and watched the (8:05 Regional out of Washington arrive at NCR, with 2 AEM-7s leading). I...
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    Archives station-no directions available

    To get from NoMa to Archives, do this: Board a Red Line train going in the direction of Shady Grove (some trains only go as far as Grosvenor and you can take one of those, too). Exit at Gallery Place/Chinatown. Go downstairs. Board a Green OR Yellow train going in the direction of Branch...
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    Yeah, these airplanes are going to be a little late!

    Or paint. I mean anyone with more than about an 8th grade education could tell you that these things didn't fall out of the sky because they weren't done yet.