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    1.5 billion for Amtrak in stimulus with daily service mandate..

    Over the years every time I've had to deal with charts and statistics this book and my "Carl Sagan Baloney Detector Kit" have served me quite well.
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    Cascades Talgo Move

    I wanna ride it!
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    ios App Apple Pay not working?

    Low battery maybe? I know I cannot update my iphone if battery is below a certain percentage.
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    Amtrak funding and committment to restore Gulf coast service

    Sort of like a gateway drug. :cool:
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    Long Distance Train Coach & Sleeper Fares (Buckets)

    Thanks for all the work you've done with the bucket fare spreadsheet. It really helped me out with planning a trip I've just purchased tickets for in April. 👍
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    Amtrak's Kosher Food Option - Reviews? Comments?

    Several years ago I learned kosher meals were served on a flight I was going to take. I figured I would try it for a change. (had to pre-order) Best reason to order it I found out is that you were served first before anyone else.
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    Ticket counters not accepting cash?

    When cash is outlawed, only outlaws will carry cash.
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    United Flight 328 DEN-HNL 777 Feb 20, 2021 UEF ✈

    I don't want to hijack this threat but is Amtrak rotating it's passenger cars to keep them current now with cutbacks?
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    Southwest Chief Route Missing in Reservations

    Been looking at the same (LAX-CHI) Texas Eagle trip last weekend, too. Once I put in a proper departure date it worked fine. Whoo-hoo! :)
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    Amtrak Dining

    Interesting read. Amtrak Food and Beverage Services and Section 209 a business within a business
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    New Considering SW Chief

    Welcome to the Amtrak Unlimited forums and congratulations on your decision to get out and ride Amtrak. You've come to the right place to find answers to all your questions from some very experienced travelers willing to help you out with your questions. Have fun and enjoy! Welcome again, from...
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    Site won't let me pay

    Article (corporate) speaks for itself Don't get me started......
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    Amtrak Vulnerability Assessment

    While employed I NEVER passed along that type of information to the general public. (and I still would not.)
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    Amtrak Dining

    I experienced this too back in 2017. Unfortunately, it was interesting to say the least as we were being bustituted from Pasco, WA to Portland at the time because of a bridge replacement at Camas, WA. Food was prepackaged and waiting outside the depot for us to choose, pick up, carry to the...
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    United Flight 328 DEN-HNL 777 Feb 20, 2021 UEF ✈

    Which do you prefer? Airline CHI-SEA, "We will be cruising at an altitude of 36,000 feet at 510 MPH. Amtrak CHI-SEA, "We will be cruising at an altitude of 10 feet at 79 MPH.