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    Protect your rights -- Sign the petition

    I am posting this here today after I created it for members of a similar community that I am a little more active relates to transit fans and recent proposals by the New York MTA and other transit agencies to prohibit them and all others from taking pictures of its stations and...
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    Highball Chicago Amtrak #30

    You know I find it great how we can track trains like this...ain't technology grand? Now all we need is a dispatcher-style schematic with every train on the NEC shown as it progresses along the line :P Maybe Anthony will make us a TrakTrack when he's done with MileTrak 2 :)
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    Crescent Hits Dump Truck That Failed To Yield

    That is not true, but the train did come in on track 1 (generally freight only, farthest from the station), stopped short of the station, then had to inch in bit by bit to get people off through the gate in the fence. Whomever said the train was fully discharged was probably confused when they...
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    Terrorists! ALL OF YOU!

    Hey people, WATCH OUT when you're doing your railfanning:
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    Amtrak Candids

    If we must get all legal about this... As second in charge here, I have put forth legislation that will close this topic as it is not at all an appropriate discussion for an Amtrak forum. I also hereby apologize for not clarifying what I want. The end result of my cropping and shrinkage will...
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    Amtrak Candids

    None of this really applies to this site, as the photos will not be "published" or included in any kind of article that will express or imply the opinions of anyone. I can see where that one person would get mad -- his picture was associated with an opinion that wasn't necessarily his own --...
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    Amtrak Candids

    Well let's start off by saying that Greyhound is a private entity -- if anyone is teetering on AlanB's last post that should help a bit...doesn't particularly matter too much though Now the pictures I'm looking for are of a very "crowded" nature -- maybe a group of people boarding a train, a...
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    Amtrak Candids

    Ok folks listen up, I got a little something going on for this site and I need your CaNdId shots of Amtrak crew and passengers. Boarding the train, waiting for it, talking to people, anything -- I'd prefer exterior shots because they'd be easier to work with but if you have any interior shots...
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    Amtrak is Advertising

    I saw two Amtrak commercials on the same day on the same channel within 30 mins of each other! One was Acela Express, but the first one was general Amtrak and it was kinda long too
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    My senator...

    Look what he did! LOL that's my Friday hangout too! (Alexandria station...the picture is NOT of it)
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    New to trains

    I think you're gonna confuse this self-proclaimed newbie
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    Interest artcile in the washington post web site

    OK there are like 10 people against this one person in the discussion of that article but he insists he's right (about cutting funding). Maybe 10 more voices against him would help: Seems like mine (TristanALXVA) isn't enough
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    Isidore Effects 3 Amtrak Trains

    We're actually praying for it to come up here and bust our the time it gets through the mountains it'll be knocked out -- as y'all know, hurricanes get their energy over water, and the NEC isn't really on any big coasts.
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    9/12 #90's engines shut down in Okeechobee

    I left ALX here at about 20:00 and it still had not arrived...due at 15:48.
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    Another Idea

    I think Amtrak is pretty much short on everything :-/